Branding of Marketing Fresh Produce Increases

Mrketing fresh produce stood out and it was a trend towards branding - Fruit Logistica 2018
February 24, 2018
Branding of Marketing Fresh Produce Increases (Enlarge)

A festival of colors, forms, textures and designs awaited the visitor to the extensive Fruit Logistica Exhibition in Berlin held in early February and here the innovative branding of fresh produce was clearly evident.

The exhibition's 3100 stands with representatives of 80 countries displayed their produce and also presented logistic solutions for the entire sales' process, starting with the sorting stage, packing and marketing. All the participants had an opportunity for meetings over 3 days between producers and marketing companies as well as additional organizations in the food marketing chain.

The diverse lectures at the exhibition included several sessions on the subject of marketing in the digital communications age as well as the role of social networks in creating demands and identifying the consumers' taste.

In a number of interviews conducted with company representatives from the different countries one trend common to almost all the stands marketing fresh produce stood out and it was a trend towards branding – this apparently is the good news emanating from Berlin.

In contrast to previous years, the companies not only presented their produce attractively and gave out their usual samples for tasting, and distributed catalogs showing the full range of produce, this year almost all the stands exhibiting fresh produce showed packaged produce to suit the customer's specific demands according to the target population's age, possible uses and similar.




Seed producers noted that it was the branding that clearly distinguishes between all the companies presenting their excellent products.
The participants were also aware of the growing trend towards the consumption of healthy food reflected at the exhibition with attractive packages of apples designed for sports fans (tennis), large mangoes wrapped in packs for individual use, avocadoes especially packed with small fruits for family consumption, but it was a package of vegetables together with a small bottle of olive oil for use at a barbeque that caught our attention.

Branding for the sale of fresh produce was introduced owing to the need to catch the shopper's eye (visibility), offer more convenience for the shoppers, better hygiene as touching the products when making a selection can be avoided (aesthetics); the customer can buy only the quantity needed and choose the most suitable product for his/her needs – salads, cooking or sandwiches but it is branding that facilitates the application of the product to the target population. 



Among the companies participating in the branding trend were Israel's B2 Fresh, which showed packages of leaf vegetables of different sizes and varieties while seed companies whose target population includes growers and dealers, also opted to exhibit some of their produce under brand names. Hazera Ltd. packs of sweet yellow tomatoes attracted the children with emoji labels for a fun experience.  Several Dutch companies also sought to attract children to eat branded fruit rather than sweets.

Tomatech Ltd. which adopted the Exceptional Tomato Marketing approach exhibited the brand: "'TomaMuse' delivers a full sensory experience.  Its unique strawberry-like shape, rich burgundy color, distinct texture and outstanding flavor make it the ultimate culinary tomato."
With future perspective in mind, the branding trend with its obvious advantages will undoubtedly continue and escalate, and we now await to see which marketing ideas the companies will exhibit next year. 

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