ExtendCast™ Persimmon
Extended Shelf-Life for Red Triumph persimmons and retail packaging for natural de-astringency

Hi Tech Packaging for Keeping Lychee Fruit Fresh and Red
An end to taste bending chemical preservatives

New Avocado Packaging Technology
Extending Avocado’s Shelf Life and ready to eat stage – Healthy & Eco Friendly

Low Cost, High Quality, Long Shelf Life
Innovative new packaging from R.O.P, ExtendCast™, extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables substantially.
Advancements in Refrigerated Transport
Advanced chip technology from CartaSense can help extend the shelf life of produce.
ROP Opens London Produce Show & Conference Seminar
ROP gave the opening speech at the London Produce Show & Conference seminars.
R.O.P. is bringing a new approach to produce packaging: one package from farm to supermarket shelf. An interview with ROP’s Gal Wollach at Agritech.
R.O.P Participates in the Leading Flexible Packaging Exhibitions
R.O.P's flexible plastic packaging products presented in the leading exhibitions worldwide
ExtendCast™ Avocado - R.O.P Fresh Produce
Avocado is a fast self-ripening climacteric fruit. In ambient conditions it ripens within 5 to 7 days from the day it is harvested. The avocado would stay in a “Ready-to-eat” state for 3-4 days before starting to deteriorate.
Hazera Branded Maggie Tomato Packages
Yeinot Bitan supermarket chain and Hazera Seeds sales campaign for Maggie tomatoes
MAP for Asparagus
Extending asparagus shelf life with Xtend modified atmosphere packaging
R.O.P Products at an International Packaging Conference
R.O.P's successful presentation at Multilayer Packaging Films 2014 Coference

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