FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 – A celebration of colors, flavors and logistics innovation

The show saw an increased number of exhibitors and trade visitors, more innovation and stronger internationalization
February 13, 2019

After three days of roaming among the F.L pavilions, the largest Fair in the world for fresh produce and logistics, you may become sensually inebriated by the abundant colors, the different varieties of fruits, and the masses of visitors from the industry exploiting the opportunity to catch up on innovations in this field.
In this article we will present some of the innovations and trends presented at the Fair, for those who weren't able to come.

AgriTask a global agri-business intelligence company from Israel, exhibited four methods to optimize the use of aerial imagery in the field, including integration of imagery, comparison of historical images, plant inspections, and productivity estimates, at the Innovations Pavilion that was open for one day, with 20 companies exhibiting there.

Hishtil one of the world's largest herb plant producers, specializing primarily in producing plugs and unrooted cuttings that are marketed to nurseries worldwide. At the Berlin Fair, the company exhibited a variety of innovative herbs: a series of cascading herb varieties, high-stem products – basil and edible pepper, and a series of grafted hot peppers (Janana-Peppers that BITE), in a variety of shapes, colors and flavors.


"The Air of Israel imparts wisdom" - At the Israel Export Institute's national pavilion at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 (erected in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Agriculture), 8 Israeli companies exhibited innovative produce grown in Israel.
The colors, aromas and textures of Israeli fruit and vegetables stem from Israel's unique weather quality and its vast agricultural knowledge. Israeli produce is considered reliable, safe, innovative and of high quality.


The companies were: 2bfresh, Shallit, Agrifood, Ben Dor Fruit, Arava Growers, Galilee Growers, Bless S.R., and Hevel Maon. (Click on the company name to read what they have to offer)

Netafim In the framework of Netafim's cooperation with Germany's Bayer Company, at the company's pavilion they digitally exhibited their joint activity with Bayer. This cooperation is intended to make pesticides more efficient by delivering them directly to the plant via the drip irrigation system, thereby reducing the amount of pesticide and achieving two goals – to lower the cost to the farmer and also to meet the recently legislated regulations for pesticide use.


Origene Seeds is known worldwide primarily as a Cucurbit company with high quality Watermelons, Melons and other varieties known for their resistance and excellent flavor. At the Berlin Fair, the company took advantage of the opportunity to exhibit their extensive variety of products, including new varieties of tomatoes, peppers and their already familiar and popular mini-peppers.







StePac, which specializes in fresh produce packaging, has developed multiple film structures to support the shift to automated MA/MH packaging. For example, the Xflow™ bulk flowpack film reduces the amount of plastic packaging used by up to 40%, while retaining its unique functions for substantially extending fresh produce shelf life, in comparison to alternative options or if no packaging is used at all.
The company used the Fair to present a new product -- packaging adapted to scallions, ready for packing directly by the customer, thereby saving material and labor costs.



Syngenta - Gedera Seeds We met the Gedera Seeds reps at the parent company's pavilion, Syngenta, which was crowded and lively with growers from all over the world and from Israel.
Following are the company's products exhibited at the Fair: a new Syngenta true-white cauliflower variety, that has, for the first time, produced 100% marketable heads from the crop.. The long-stemmed Easy-Broq™ broccoli varieties, such as Monflor, reduce trimming of leaves and stems in the processing factory - delivering an exceptional yield for freezing or baby-food and minimizing waste. Baby plum tomatoes offer better shelf life, with better taste, uniformity and consistent quality, and are far more compact.


 TomaTech have used their extensive breeding experience in specialty cherry tomatoes to tailor two specific varieties of cocktail clusters: Savorino, a 70g attractive, uniformly round, bright red cocktail on a thick green, fresh vine of 9 firm and juicy fruits with a 7% brix.; and FlavorTom, a slightly larger cocktail of 80-100g also uniformly deep red and round on a thick green, fresh vine of 6 firm and juicy fruits with a 6-7% brix. An all-purpose tomato, it also boasts an excellent yield with a 14 day shelf life.






Top Seeds International took part for the first time at the F.L Berlin.
Top Seeds unveiled a new product line at the show, Amai, which includes the Orange pepper variety, a long, orange-coloured fruit with exceptional taste and pulp, and also the Ikigai line, consisting of the Yuka cherry plum tomato and the Mini On yellow mini-cherry tomato. The Mini On is a tomato for single-fruit harvesting with abundant flowers and a yellow-colored fruit with an average weight of 15 grams.

In addition, we observed a new trend, reflected by the multitude of companies exhibiting technologies for hydroponic cultivation. Global warming has caused more and more growers to switch over to growing in greenhouses or under shading nets, to make it easier for them to regulate weather conditions in the greenhouse and to control extremes of heat and cold. The transition to hydroponics enables control of soil conditions as well as reduction of pesticide use.

To summarize a three day visit at the Fair, there is no doubt that the fresh produce and logistics industry presents innovations and inventiveness every year, and we'll also be pleased to update our website visitors from all over the world about innovations throughout the year.
Companies are invited to update our information so that we can keep our visitors posted.


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