"Granot Farmers" - New Brandname for the Persimmon

Granot's Kibbutzim Agricultural Cooperative will begin to supply persimmons to food chains under the "Granot Farmers" Brandname
November 18, 2019
"Granot Farmers" - New Brandname for the Persimmon (Enlarge)

Following successful launching of avocado and other brands of fruits and vegetables, Granot's Kibbutzim Agricultural Cooperative continues to expand its offerings, and will begin to supply persimmons to food chains under the "Granot Farmers" Brandname.


Persimmons will be marketed in special cartons featuring photos of the farmer-growers A new addition to the fruits marketed by "Granot Farmers": Persimmons. The farmers' cooperative marketing produce directly to supermarkets, is adding orange persimmons to the agricultural produce basket, which will be sold to the leading marketing chains, to private markets and specialty stores.


According to Tamir Bushinski,"Granot Farmers" local marketing director, "After successfully introducing avocados and a variety of citrus fruits and vegetables, we are also pleased to add persimmons, coming from the Almagor Farm at Bitzaron, which markets its produce under the "Granot Farmers" brandname."

Persimmons are one of the fruits richest in Vitamin A, that is essential for normal vision, immune system functioning, integrity of skin cells, development of fetal organs and normal growth. Including persimmon in one's diet can support adequate Vitamin A consumption.

Persimmons are a source of anti-oxidants that help to reduce blood lipid levels. Persimmons also contain a list of other ingredients that contribute to cardiac and blood vessel health: anti-oxidants, Vitamins C and E that delay oxidation of LDL ("Bad Cholesterol"), Vitamin B6, carotenoid anti-oxidants and anti- inflammatory compounds, nutritional fiber, etc.

The persimmon is one of the fruits richest in nutritional fiber – a medium persimmon can supply 16% of the recommended daily fiber allowance. Available in food chains across the country.

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