Cherry Season - Crop Above Average

After a long cold winter, this year's cherry crop will be bigger
May 20, 2019
Cherry Season - Crop Above Average (Enlarge)

The Galilee Development Company's Northern R&D estimates that this year's cherry crop will be well above average, reaching nearly 4,000 tons.
In an average year the cherry crop is between 3,000 - 3,500 tons. On the Golan Heights around 3,200 tons will be picked, in the Upper Galilee about 500 tons, and in the Judean Hills, about 300 tons.


Expected cherry crop income is likely to reach about 100 million shekels this year. Northern R&D notes that this year's cherries will be sweet, large and of high quality, due to the fact that the cherry orchards received plenty of cold weather and proper distribution of fruit on the trees.

Due to the long winter, the picking season began later than usual with the early Borella and the sweet, tasty Royal Dun varieties. The harvest is expected to conclude at the end of next month.

General Manager of Northern R&D, Elkana Ben Yashar, said that after years of research, initial marketing of a new red and sweet variety, Regina, will begin this year. He explained that this late ripening variety is especially sweet, fleshy and solid, with a raspberry aroma. He notes that the new variety's fruit is relatively large, reaching a weight of 11 grams.

Regina was acclimated by researchers at Northern R&D in Golan and Galilee orchards, joining other varieties acclimated in recent years, including Royal Dun and Mini Royal. Northern R&D and the


Vulcani Institute having been doing research throughout the year on new cherry varieties from abroad, acclimating them to Israel, making them ripen earlier, making work more efficient, environmentally friendly pest control, quality, taste and fruit size. Ben Yashar noted that Northern R&D researchers are in the midst of research on making the cherry harvest earlier, whose initial fruits from the Golan's Ramat Hamagshimim were picked and marketed by "Bereshit" from late April.

Leading cherry producing countries are Italy, France, and the western U.S. Israel's crops are larger than Europe's by nearly a ton, due to the climate advantage. Israel grows Royal Dun, Tzinok, Ranier, Bing, Van, Stella, Hydel Findel, Sam varieties. More than 90% of Israel's cherries grow in the Galilee and the Golan. 
 The cherry tree is deciduous, and requires at least two trees for pollination. It requires a cold climate, with at least 1,000 cold units per season. Its blossoming is influenced by the pollen of honey bees, without which it can't blossom.


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