Marketing Fresh Produce - A Challenging Trade

Supplying Demand,Constant Higth Quality and Profit
January 21, 2018
Marketing Fresh Produce - A Challenging Trade (Enlarge)

The "Mehadrin" Company's strategy of "From seed to shelf", whereby it controls the growing processes and the quality of the produce reaching the market enables it can meet retail customers' demands.   

As a major and recognized marketing company and the largest grower of citrus fruit in Israel, and possibly internationally, "Mehadrin" insists on the integration of all production stages in the areas under its control. From the initial plantings of the crop and throughout the entire process the Company must maintain the highest standards, as its customers expect the Company to work in keeping with European regulations. 

"Mehadrin" has an extensive marketing network with sales offices in the largest Western European countries including a logistics center in France that maintains close contacts with its customers and attends to all their requirements, including the desired sorting and packing, as well as arranging the produce on the shelves at the distribution centers and retail chain stores.  The Company's branches in Europe also import avocado from the southern hemisphere to ensure a year round supply. In England "Mehadrin's" produce are sold throughout the year under the familiar brand name of "Jaffa Line".

For sales elsewhere regional marketing managers based in Israel use their sound and in-depth knowledge of the markets to constantly meet the market needs and specific consumer demands at each destination.

"Mehadrin's" principal products include citrus fruit with the current main varieties sold by the Company being the Ori and red grapefruit.  An increasing interest worldwide in a healthy life-style has turned avocado and dates into additional crops of considerable importance, thanks to their contribution to healthy nutrition. 
"Mehadrin" currently exports more than 30,000 tons of avocado annually, mainly to Europe, while exports of dates and especially the Medjool variety, are not only on the increase but also making inroads into the markets in North and South America,.

Thanks to its management policy and the diversification of its investments across a number of different crops the Company has managed to meet significant challenges as a grower coping with an increase in production inputs and a water shortage, all in contrast to the low production costs of its competitors in Egypt, Turkey and Morocco.
"Mehadrin's" interactions with its reliable farmers and regular customers, with whom it has built up a firm business, have developed to make the Company a leading player in marketing fresh produce worldwide.    

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