The Chinese are Looking for New Tastes

Fresh cut herbs for direct marketing all year around
October 15, 2017
The Chinese are Looking for New Tastes (Enlarge)

In late January 2016, a group of 7 growers of freshly cut herbs from Southern Israel decided to cooperate and form their own marketing company called "The Growers". 

What led to the founding of "The Growers" was the liquidation of "Agrexco", which until 2011 was the sole channel for the marketing and sale of all the agricultural produce including the development of export markets. The "Bickel" company, which took over from "Agrexco", also failed as a going concern leaving the growers with the considerable debts left behind by the two aforementioned companies and the urgent need to locate new markets.

These 7 growers produce freshly cut herbs mainly for export on relatively large areas.. This climatic diversity enables "The Growers" to supply their herbs seasonings throughout the year.
One example of this advantage was noted by Anna (Chairman of the Board) who pointed out that the marketing of herbs was possible in summer from Kmehin, near the Egyptian border compared to the herbs marketed in winter from the towns and villages in the Death Sea (Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar).  Additionally, special crops such as Salicornia can be grown only in the Negev Heights.
At the time of writing the growers' company can supply 26 different products all year around.




"The Growers" marketing strategy is to establish direct contacts with customers all over the world who will realize that they receive priority over other clients, who are not the Company's direct customers.

Robert, the Company's CEO, stressed that "The Growers" continue to develop new products with the aim of adjusting the produce to the demands in additional global regions and not limit their efforts to Europe alone.
This point was further emphasized by Yinon (a director) who noted that in Asia considerable interest has been expressed in our produce and consequently we have requested approval from the Plant Protection and Inspection Service" to grow crops in China where there is room for future expansion. The Chinese are looking for new tastes that are differ from the ones, with which they are familiar.


In keeping with the current global branding trend in marketing agricultural produce, the customers prefer to be informed about the growers of their producer and so direct contacts between the growers and customers are essential.
The direct interaction has an additional significant benefit in the event of criticism or proposals for improvements, which the customers can submit directly to the grower without any misunderstandings. 

In concluding the current discussion, Anna proudly maintains an additional fact that is common to all the growers who own the company and that all the farms have a future generation as the younger generation take over, a youthful and energetic generation increases our motivation because we have somebody to make efforts for.   

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