Fresh Soil - Embarking on our journey

Looking at creating hubs of distributors across Africa
March 4, 2021
Fresh Soil - Embarking on our journey


It was open for dreaming as I lay on my back for six weeks after breaking my ankle. What seemed like something so small revealed that there was actually a bigger picture that lay in waiting.
The previous year I had traveled to Tuscany.  I opted to buy my groceries at the local supermarket close by. I sat at my villa outside in the garden and ate a meal that I could only describe as heaven on earth.


The taste and goodness were like nothing that I had ever experienced before in my own country back in South Africa.
This led me on a journey of food exploration and nothing better than starting on my back.


My best friend shared in birthing the vision of sourcing ethically and sustainable clean food. Together, we started Fresh Soil Products out of our home sharing ideas and dreaming of good food. This led us on a quest of finding food that was free from harmful pesticides, naturally grown free-range grass-fed protein. We established our online store for selling locally sourced healthy food products to our local community.
“Our clients were our product developers, and we created a vibrant community with people that held pure food as their focus.”

It was early on into pioneering the business when our first calls came through from integrated doctors that commissioned us to find their terminally ill patients ethical foods. At this point, we knew we were standing on holy ground and that we had a moral obligation to run with the vision.


This vision progressed to exporting proudly South African products abroad. We preselected a range of health supplements in nutraceutical form to take to the export market. We started our strategy in China and continued to visit 10 countries thereafter on various trade missions and food expos. These expos were funded by the “Department of trade and industry”, and “Wesgro” (which supports small businesses entering the export markets).

Our company is owned by two woman and we have pioneered this space for 5 years. We are consciously on the lookout and have various consultants contracted to us.  They help improve our business model by contributing to our business by actively sharpening our marketing tools and systems, and strategies.
Fresh Soil has just recently completed a GIZ sponsored program by the German federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. This program operates out of the “University of Aachen” on training and preparing businesses for the German market.

Our products range from immune boosters, botanical extracts in water soluble format, and isolated oils in hemp and botanical compositions. The factories we outsource to have a fully accredited wall to wall certification embedded in manufacturing best practices. We work closely with our growers to ensure that the customer receives the best premium products that their money can buy.
The clients we build bridges with have a go ahead to source intellectual property that we share together with them to provide accurate information to the customer. This includes: white labelling, brochures, and facilitating language translation. 

We are looking at creating hubs of distributors across Africa. We will provide resources and give access to marketing tools designed to assist business owners to reach their customers with the support of our industry knowledge.
Our passion is to see communities transformed, revived, and restored by empowering woman to work together in communities. We want to empower them to experience the fruit of their labour being passed on to their children, to their children’s children, and beyond.

There is an ancient proverb that says give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
Thank you for taking the time to step inside our world.


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