Timorex Gold® New Distribution in Brazil

BASF and STK Bio-ag technologies Expanding Distribution of Timorex Gold® in Brazil.
May 1, 2018
diseased cell rupture by Timorex Gold (Enlarge)
diseased cell rupture by Timorex Gold

STK Bio-ag technologies and BASF have signed a collaboration agreement to expand the distribution of Timorex Gold® in Brazil. STK will grant BASF exclusive rights to maket and sell the biological fungicide bactericide in the country.. Timorex Gold® is a well established product for disease control and stimulating natural plant defenses and will be available for use on 15 important crops , including grapes, bananas, coffee and tomatoes. The three-year contract will start in the 2018 season.


Timorex Gold® supports growers in more than 30 countries globally to increase profitability through improved quality, higher yield potential and resistance management support. A multi-targeted solution based on terpenes from tea tree oil, Timorex Gold® is effective against a broad range of diseases including black/yellow sigatoka, powdery mildew, rhizopus, botrytis, early blight, and cladosporium.


Timorex Gold® is a preventative and suppressive product that inhibits various stages of the fungal life cycle through cell membrane disruption and induced systematic resistance. Therefore, it prepares the plant to protect itself against fungal attacks as well as having control effects on diseases.


“We are pleased about this new partnership with STK. It will allow us to provide growers with more tools, helping them to increase theproductivity and quality of their crops,” said Rodrigo Pifano, Specialty Crops Marketing Manager, BASF Brazil. “This effective product will bring additional value to our customers who face increasing challenges.”

“Timorex Gold® will become our first biological fungicide for specialty crops in Brazil. This step demonstrates our strategy to support growers’ performance with the best solutions of chemistry and biology,” said Graeme Gowling, global Marketing lead for biological crop care, BASF Crop Protection

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