Facing the Challenge to Food Protection

STK (Stockton Group) is now a global leader in the production and marketing of biological control solutions
December 19, 2017
Facing the Challenge to Food Protection (Enlarge)

STK has developed rapidly from a small family company to become a global concern thanks to a significant investment by the Chinese Hebang Company and a new CEO. In responding to the latest trends in agro-chemical and agricultural markets worldwide the Company's new strategy calls for a transition from trading generic chemical pesticides to the development and marketing of propriety biological solutions, based on botanical sources. 

The new strategy has yielded an innovative hybrid solutions when the first hybrid product called "Regev" was launched this year. "Regev" - the world's first product to combine active components of biological pesticides and a chemical pesticide. The synergy combining biological and chemical components makes the product more effective, with a longer effective life-span; less chemical material may be used, the depletion of the effectiveness of the product's active chemical component is decelerated and so STK can offer its clients a far-reaching solution with supplementary values.  
With a reduced time interval between spraying and picking the farmer can use "Regev" safely thereby producing cleaner and healthier agricultural produce in keeping with the generally accepted demands of concerned consumers, leading chain stores where produce now bears an appropriate label indicating uncontaminated fruit and vegetables, and finally public health research institutes for preventive studies.

As the demand for cleaner products constitutes the dominant trend, organizations have been established to validate new standards for sustainable agriculture and one such example is the GlobalGAP organization.

With the cooperation of STK on research with global leaders such as the Weizmann Institute, and partnerships with important consortiums in relevant fields, the Company has become an object of interest for major corporations in the industry such as Bayer, Syngenta and others.  Together with their further development and increased work towards healthier and safer solutions, these concerns are interested in distributing STK. 's new material, especially as the Company plans to introduce into the market new hybrid products derived from various previously unknown plants

 STK works in two distinct but complementary directions: One is the intensification of the research aimed at expanding the uses of existing products such as Timorex Gold (one of the Company's flagship products), while searching for new botanical sources, and the second trend is unorganic expansion by acquiring companies developing existing biological products with commercial potential.

 Recently, STK started working in the USA and China with offices in Davis, California and Beijing, representatively. 
 This considerable expansion at STK in recent years to become a leading innovative company in this industry on an international scale is firmly based on R&D in innovative areas that are expected to affect the future of the entire world. 

The Company is proud of its role as a groundbreaker and trailblazer in ensuring the safety of agricultural produce worldwide.  

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