GAT Agri Technology

Advanced internet system for control of irrigation and in-field plant index
January 27, 2020
GAT Agri Technology

On site feedback – modern agriculture requires continuous & online in field information to enable decisions about primary crop management, namely -- irrigation and fertilization.
Sustainability – the information made available to the farmer enables him to preserve soil and water resources for the future mainly:
* prevention of salinity.
* leaching of fertilizers into ground water.
* optimization of water usage.

Cost effectiveness - having important data for plant development, such as soil humidity, temperature, fruit size and other measurable plant index, makes it possible to evaluate cost effectiveness and optimization of various treatments in the field.


How the system operates
The system is built with sensors that monitor the crop and its surroundings, which are connected to a controller that samples, collect and broadcasts the data via the cellular network to the Cloud internet storage.
The information is collected into a data base, analyzed and presented on-line in easily understood graphs and tables. The information can be viewed on all existing media – computer, tablet, cellphone.
The various sensors can be set for min/max threshold values, and warnings sent accordingly via email when crossing these thresholds
Graphs arranged in cross-sections according to customer requirements.
Various algorithms may be applied to the data gathered (e.g., calculation of heating degree days).

System characteristics
The controller is capable of sampling, storing and broadcasting its built-in sensor data. It is durable to field conditions.
Sensors currently available – tensiometers, soil/air thermometer, stalk/stem/fruit dendrometer, and water meter. Additional sensors easily adaptable.
Extended-life type battery (at least 6 months).
Advanced internet communication, 4th Generation, on a cellular network. Suitable for most locations worldwide. Built-in GPS.
Battery and cellular indication available.

System support
The farmer will receive ongoing professional backup by the regional agronomist, as well as from the support center at company HQ (help desk).
The customer can share his data on the system with additional counselors and advisors at his decision.
It is also possible to conduct a professional dialogue on system graphs via correspondence.

Advantages of Gat Fertilizers system
*Continuous and comprehensive agronomic support as needed.
*Operates at any site that has 4th generation cellular network, without need for a wireless connection, in Israel and abroad.

*The unit may be transferred easily between different crop fields when necessary.
*Additional sensors may be connected easily.

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