Hazera supporting the growers

A crop advisor app
April 11, 2021
Hazera supporting the growers

Supporting growers during the full crop cycle is of utmost importance for us.
In all of our activities we are always looking at ways we can grow together and create success together! 
Therefore, Hazera is happy introduce the updated crop advisor app.

Assistance Always, And Everywhere 
The Crop Advisor app contains information, images as well as text, on issues such as fungi, bacterial diseases, foliar, storage and viral diseases, nematodes, insects and non-parasitic disorders. The information is supplemented with practical recommendations. High quality pictures help to put you on the right track if you discover a problem with your crop.

One click in the Contact chapter of this app ensures direct contact with the regional crop specialist.

Not sure which disease is appearing in your field or greenhouse? You can send a picture of your diseased crop to our crop specialists. They will evaluate your crop and send you a recommendation as soon as possible.

The app is available for tomato, brassica and onion in different languages. Watermelon has been added recently and is now available in English and Spanish.


For more info: https://www.hazera.com/ 

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