Timorex Gold® Biofungicide Receives 1st Place by AgroPages

Stockton's receiving its 1st Place BEST-IN-CLASS: Provider of Choice Award for its biofungicide, Timorex Gold.
November 11, 2017
Timorex Gold® Biofungicide Receives 1st Place by AgroPages (Enlarge)

Timorex Gold is a botanical broad-spectrum fungicide with preventative and curative activity based on a plant extract. It has earned an international reputation as a reliable broad spectrum biofungicide which controls a wide range of fungal diseases on many fruits, vegetables and specialty crops.


“As the industry leader in the development and marketing of botanical- based solutions (BBS), we are honored to receive the 1st Place PROVIDER OF CHOICE Award for Timorex Gold”, said Guy Elitzur, CEO of STK. We are constantly striving to develop and bring innovative natural and environmentally-friendly solutions to farmers around the world. Timorex Gold is at the forefront of the revolution in sustainable agriculture.”

“Appearing at the top of such an honorable list of excellent products gives us a lot of pride” added Elitzur. AgroPages hosted the "Top 10 Global Leading Biopesticide & Biocontrol Brands" Award for 2017, aimed at screening well-known brands with a high reputation, high performance and high technologies. Following a three-month global vote and expert reviews, 10 products were awarded the 2017 Top 10 Global Leading Biopesticide & Biocontrol Brands, with Timorex Gold biofungicide rated #1

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