Changes in Evogene's market focus & company structure

Evogene is expanding and updating its focus on the market, as well as introducing a new organizational structure
November 1, 2017
Changes in Evogene's market focus & company structure (Enlarge)

Evogene Ltd. revised focus includes both agriculture and other market areas, and will emphasize further downstream product development and shorter-term commercialization or other value enhancing opportunities.


Ofer Haviv, Evogene's President and CEO stated: “Evogene’s unique discovery capabilities have been well demonstrated by platform based collaborations with world leading companies such as Bayer, BASF, DuPont-Pioneer, Monsanto, and Syngenta.  These past and ongoing collaborations have resulted in the transfer to our partners of thousands of Evogene discoveries, largely in the form of genetic elements, small molecules and microbes, for potential product development under milestone and royalty bearing agreements. 


Evogene’s discovery and product development programs in the field of agriculture, both pursuant to collaborations and self-funded activities, are now positioned in three operating divisions:

  • Ag-Biologicals - led by Mr. Ido Dor, EVP and GM Ag-Biologicals (former EVP & GM Crop Enhancement). The focus of this unit is the development of microbial based yield improvement and pest control products. In the scope of Ag-Biologicals, we have recently entered a collaboration with DuPont-Pioneer for the development of bio-stimulants in corn, and additionally have internal programs for bio-stimulants in wheat and bio-pesticides.
  • Ag-Chemicals - led by Mr. Eran Kosover, EVP & GM Ag-Chemicals (former EVP & GM Crop Protection), and is focused on the development of novel herbicides and insecticides, in addition to optimization of known active ingredients.  In the scope of Ag-Chemicals we have ongoing collaborations with BASF and ICL, as well as a robust internal novel herbicide pipeline.
  • Ag-Seeds - led by Dr. Arnon Heyman, VP & GM Ag-Seeds (former director of project management). The main focus of the Ag-Seeds unit is improved seed traits, for yield increase, drought tolerance, insect control and disease resistance, through the use of genome editing and gene transformation. In the scope of Ag-Seeds we have a long-term collaboration with Monsanto as well as with other market leading companies in addition to an internal pipeline.

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