Spark up your Valentines with Danziger

New catalog to be distributed by digital platforms, worldwide.
October 31, 2017
Spark up your Valentines with Danziger (Enlarge)

"Last year we launched our new branding, and promised to "Spark the Imagination" of the industry. We try to do that for both bedding plants and cut flowers, on special occasions and on an ongoing basis, in the everyday life. We have accomplished this with AMORE™ Petunia, by emphasizing emotions, not just features, we have done this when we built a totally new segment with SCOOP™ Scabiosa, bringing a new and different cut flower. We try to do this not just with new products, but rather with new approaches for our best sellers and current products" says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO, Danziger.


For this upcoming Valentines, Danziger is shaking up the common paradigm of "roses and gyps" holiday, by introducing a new and different "Spark your Valentines" catalog. In the catalog, a new approach for Valentines arrangements, designed by Astrid Van der Berg. From LOVE & KICKING made of Scabiosa COTTON CANDY SCOOP™, RED VELVET SCOOP™ & Craspedia PAINTBALL™ POP to URBAN LOVE.


"Tradition is important, it's what the market is based on. But innovation is what drives the market forward. While 90% of the market will continue selling the same best sellers, if we help the 10% who want to change, challenge and evoke new customers to engage with flowers, then we have done our job" says Liat Kaplan, Global Marketing Manager.

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