Hishtil acquires Dianthus cutting production and marketing capabilities for the European Market

January 24, 2017
Hishtil acquires Dianthus cutting production and marketing capabilities for the European Market (Enlarge)

Hishtil Nurseries are pleased to announce that a deal has been agreed for the acquisition of Ringel Nurseries.


Founded in 1958, Ringel Nursery had specialized in the production of unrooted & rooted Dianthus cuttings for the European market.
Introducing the highly successful ‘Roselly’ range of pot carnations & more recently the ' Summer’ range of garden pinks.

Under the agreement all activities of Ringel Nursery will be transferred to Hishtil in a phased transition with the target completion date of 1st May 2017. Avi Hoffman & Moshe Zwiebel will remain as consultants to Hishtil in a technical capacity ensuring ongoing support in the stock plant production, propagation & variety selection.


The Dianthus production will be transferred to Hishtils Nehalim Nursery in central Israel & added to the Hishtil young plant production. Established in 1974 Hishtil grown to 21 hectares of young plant production across 4 sites in Israel. Specializing in the production of herbs, vegetables & ornamental plants as well as certified organic lines supplied to growers & propagators around the world.

“We are very pleased to acquire Ringel Nursery” said Amit Dagan, General Manager of Hishtil, “and especially pleased to retain the services of


Avi & Moshe to support us in developing the range. We can see a good potential in these plants both for us & our customers”

Signing the deal between Ringel and Hishtil took place in continuation of a long-standing relationship between the Ringel & Dagan families. Yehezkel Dagan, founder of Hishtil, learned and was influenced on the subject of planting from Moshe

Ringel founder of Ringel nursery.

We will be visiting as many customers as possible to explain our vision & encouraging customers to meet us at IPM exhibition in Essen, Germany 24th-29th January.



Maya Avni, Export Office Manager elo@hishtil.com

Eyal Inbar, Export Sales Manager eyali@hishtil.com

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