Joint Venture Agreement between TALIS and Kc-Val (China)

an important milestone of TALIS group and 'Raphael valves industries', a Subsidiary of TALIS
July 18, 2016
Joint Venture Agreement between TALIS and Kc-Val (China) (Enlarge)

The TALIS Group, through its French subsidiary BAYARD SAS, has concluded a Joint Venture agreement with the Chinese company Kc-Val.

The 60%/ 40% Joint Venture named TALIS Flow Control (Shanghai) Co. Ltd will take over the current industrial activity of Kc-Val, which focusses on the production of control valves.


TALIS is also the main company of the Israeli company- 'Raphael valves industries'.

'Raphael Valves Industries Ltd', founded in 1949, is the first Israeli manufacturer of quality control valves. Since then, Raphael is leading the Israeli and international market valve industry with its wide and innovative product range.


TALIS Flow Control will gradually grow by manufacturing different families of valves for the TALIS group. For TALIS this industrial platform will become its first production facility outside Europe/Israel.


After the Joint Venture will have received all its relevant registration documents and certificates it will start its operations in quarter 4 of the calendar year 2016.  

This new Joint Venture is an important milestone for the TALIS group in order to strengthen its sourcing, manufacturing and selling capabilities and become more global.

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