Industry meets innovation experts at SMART Horticulture Asia

A conference on how technology is shaping the SMART Horticulture of the future
July 9, 2016
Industry meets innovation experts at SMART Horticulture Asia (Enlarge)

New fresh produce technology conference SMART Horticulture Asia taking place during ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA in September 2016 announces conference program on Information Management, Standards & Technology for Asia’s fresh fruit and vegetable sector.


Hong Kong, 6 July 2016 – During the first SMART Horticulture Asia, disruptive technology and information exchange are explored as the basis for a safe, efficient, effective and durable supply chain of fresh produce. Supply chain information from farm to fork is the foundation of the international fresh produce industry.


4th Industrial Revolution

The morning plenaries are dedicated to how internet-of-veggies, Big Data, vision, drones and more disruptive technology are becoming “usable” for fresh produce.


Prof. S. Sukkariehof the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (University of Sydney) is an international expert in the research, development and commercialization of field robotic systems. He provides an insight into the horticulture farm of the future.K. Moynihan,Chief Technology Officer at Compac, New Zealand, will demonstrate howdata and best-of-breed integrated post-harvest facilities hold significant competitive advantages for those who use it right in developing and enhancing a brand as a safe, healthy and reliable food choice.


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