Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project

A project initiated by the World Bank to reduce agricultural carbon emissions in Kenya
September 7, 2014



Kenya Agricultural Carbon Project                  



Kenya, Africa

Type of Project  


Carbon offset, carbon emmission reductions                  

Israeli company name involved                             


The Scope


One million dollars

Date Start/End


November 15, 2010 / December 31, 2017

Project Description


By April, 2013, the project had recruited, sensitized and trained a total of
1,592 farmer groups out of which, 1,300 are formally contracted by the implementing entity. Over 35,108 households have adopted various SLM practices on their farms covering a
total area of more than 14,000 ha. The verification of emission reductions was finalized in May 2013 and found that contracted farmers had sequestered approximately 24,813 tCO2.

The first payment for emission reductions has been received by the project entity. In line with the agreed carbon revenue distribution scheme, 35% of these proceeds will be used by
the project entity for advisory services to farmers, 5% will be used by the project entity for communication and marketing of excess emission reductions to other buyers other than the

Bio-Carbon Fund; while 60% will be distributed to formally contracted farmer groups.