"Metzer" Implements Agricultural Projects Worldwide

Clients benefit from the company's advantages
May 10, 2018
"Metzer" Implements Agricultural Projects Worldwide (Enlarge)


In recent years the trend of large international companies (such as Del Monte, Chiquita, etc.) marketing agricultural produce has intensified, with establishment of large-scale agricultural projects where they grow crops of their choice, in order to supply the quality produce for which they are known all year round.
As a part of this trend, there is growing demand for professional, experienced companies to take upon themselves implementation of projects at all stages: specification, planning, supply, supervision, management and delivery under working conditions.


The demand is usually for a comprehensive solution that also encompasses service and warranty.
Metzer, a company specializing in manufacture and supply of irrigation solutions that operates worldwide, has identified this trend. Metzer understood that this kind of activity constitutes a growth engine requiring separate attention, and therefore a few years ago established a division that deals with this type of project abroad.


The company has two outstanding advantages for implementing this type of project: First, the high professional level of its specialists, who have extensive experience in this sector, and know how to provide the client with personal guidance. Second, the company and its staff are present at various sites around the world, thus enabling it to take advantage of local contacts and to be available to provide answers and solutions to on-site challenges. It's important to understand that a project established abroad cannot succeed without a local authority to support and accompany it in every possible aspect– supervision of supply, attention to changes occurring during implementation, logistics, workers, etc. Another advantage:


Metzer maintains productive cooperation with suppliers of additional solutions in the relevant area, such as companies that build greenhouses, automation and control, filtration, valves, etc. The company specializes in small and medium sized projects, and focuses on client needs.

Establishing a project usually begins with the specification stage. For example, a client arrives and presents the territory he/she has and the crop he/she is interested in. Company personnel will carry out basic tests of the soil type and the water quality on site, and will gather data about access ways to the site, methods of supply, and so forth, and will present the client with a general possible sketch. Sometimes a client arrives with information and a pre-formulated conception, and requests the company's implementation.




After consolidating the nature of the project, we proceed to the planning stage – offering a modular planning proposal that includes all the components of an irrigation system, including management, automation, filtration, pumping systems, while bearing in mind the client's expectations and taking into account the budget he has proposed.

As a rule, Metzer professionals believe they need to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the client, who makes comments that require attention, requests changes here and there, or encounters a budgetary or other sort of limitation. In other words, the package must be tailored to the client's dimensions, and the process involved frequently lasts several months. The client is often helped by Metzer's contacts to obtain external financing for the project he/she wishes to implement.

From the moment the budget is approved and the contract signed between the company and the client, Metzer delivers the equipment to the site and begins the supervision stage.  Metzer's representative on site ascertains performance according to the plan. Project personnel from Metzer are also charged with treatment and control, and are of course obligated to maintain the preplanned time schedule.

Implementing this type of project differs from direct sale of a single product to the final customer or distributor. Of course the competition in the field cannot be ignored, so that the task of the company's staff is to convince the client that Metzer is capable of answering all his needs and providing him responsibly with a high level project.

The level of trust between the client and the company is of great importance, as well as each side recognizing the other's openness and flexibility as a necessary condition for a successful project.

In recent years Metzer has implemented many projects in different areas of the world – in African countries, Eastern Europe, South America, and in the former Soviet bloc countries. As noted, in every project the client enjoys close attention from Metzer, which has learned that it must also be considerate of local culture, as it constitutes a significant partner in fitting the project to its desired dimensions.