Israeli Ag-Tech gives each seedling exactly what it needs

NaanDanJain Irrigation teams up with Danzinger bedding plants breeder for Guatemala greenhouse project
March 29, 2018
Israeli Ag-Tech gives each seedling exactly what it needs (Enlarge)

With an eye on expanding business in the US cut flower market, NaanDanJain Irrigation - a global producer and provider of tailor-made irrigation solutions - answered a call by Danzinger Flower Farm -a breeder of bedding plants and cut flowers - to help set up a 110-dunam greenhouse project in Guatemala.
To increase exports, Danzinger was looking for a company to help it set up a production site in close proximity to the United States. NaanDanJain’s project manager said his company could offer the required solution. "When we were called upon to provide a solution to the irrigation and control system in the greenhouse project that Danziger is building in Guatemala, we realized that the project would be challenging and we could commit to helping it succeed," says project manager Yoav.

The company designed the entire project in Israel. According to Yoav, all parts of the water and irrigation system were shipped from Israel and installed in Guatemala, under the supervision of the Israeli firm. The Israeli team can monitor water systems in the greenhouses through computers from anywhere in the world.
Yoav says that Danziger presented a rigid growth protocol that included a different fertilization program for each area of the greenhouse. His company supplied two separate fertilization systems that originate from the same water source.




Part of the project required digging a well to transfer water to a reservoir and then to a treatment tank, which includes filtration and chlorination of the water. Moreover, Yoav says the Israeli company meets the high level of sanitation as prescribed by customers in the United States with its chlorine and soap flushing system and sterile areas.




The company set up a weather station to control temperature and humidity in the greenhouses in order to achieve a high quality production level. The project started out with six greenhouses. Two additional greenhouses were added in the second stage. And, according to Yoav, “this year, we are completing the final greenhouses. Altogether 14 greenhouses will be built.” 
Yoav notes that because each plant has the potential to produce a large number of seedlings, and is thus costly, the company is saddled with taking care of each and every plant. As such, each planter pot has its own drip irrigation system to bring the water exactly to where it is needed.

In conclusion, Yoav says Danziger has been wholly satisfied with the results, especially due to NaanDanJain’s unique climate control, irrigation and fertilization solution that is concentrated under one strict control system.


Click here for the video - Greenhouse irrigation project in Guatemala by NaanDanJain