How can we eat delicious high-quality melons all year round ?

OriGene Seed’s Open Day was dedicated to introducing a new brand of melons
August 3, 2021
How can we eat delicious high-quality melons all year round ?

Even a pandemic can’t stop the innovative spirit sweeping OriGene Seeds. OriGene Seeds is one of the world’s leading Cucurbit breeding companies, particularly melons and watermelons.
After two years of social distancing, OriGene Seeds held an Open Day at the company’s experimental station at Moshav B’nei Darom. Customers, growers and distributors from the domestic market participated, along with agronomists and, of course, media reps.

As visitors approached the Demo area they were greeted with huge signs inscribed with “365” – since OriGene Seeds chose to devote the Open Day to introducing their ‘365’ brand.  There are four new types of melon, making it possible to supply fresh melons to consumers all year round. Ron Ziv, OriGene’s VP Marketing & Sales, told us: “our new melon varieties are the result of a prolonged process of acclimatization of leading Melon segments, and design of a growing protocol that will enable raising of different varieties in various Israeli climate zones over the year.”


OriGene Seed’s newly developed melons are meant to provide the market with fresh, tasty melons  all year round. The new melon types are:

Justin – Orange Cantaloupe melon with long shelf life



Ruby – the familiar market variety (Annanas type)



Punto – Spanish type melon with a great look



Delicia – with a deep yellow color and great taste



Each melon was labeled so that consumers could identify their favourite melon, and then purchase it when it arrives at stores and markets.
The blindfold taste test held during the event proved beyond doubt, that in terms of aroma and texture, each of these four melons are different. Ziv addressed the challenge of introducing the new melons to the market, since the Israeli consumer loves and is accustomed to melons with different looks, smells and textures.

 OriGene Seeds is preparing for the introduction of these products across the entire value chain:
Growers – to understand the advantages of this new spectrum of products, and will adopt these new varieties.

Retail chains – to become familiar with the product and its benefits. They will then display the products to consumers at a central location, so that customers will be impressed and return to purchase.

Even though OriGene Seeds is a seed company rather than a retailer, they clearly understand market needs, and therefore endeavour to communicate their messages in various ways: producing image videos to present products in depth via social media, providing access to  opinion leaders/makers sellers; labeling products to make them easier to spot, with the aim of turning products into a “brand-name” that people will seek and wish to purchase.
In order to guarantee an ongoing supply of high quality, delicious melons year-round, production is spread across different areas of the country: from the Arava to the Dead Sea, the Jezreel Valley and the Basor region. The whole series has outstanding levels of climatic adaption and disease immunity.  לתנאי אקלים ולמחלות

OriGene Seeds is a world leader in the Cucurbit segmentation, primarily in watermelons and melons. Dr. Eyal Vardi, the company’s founder and owner, who has overseen its development and advancement, is a renowned leader in breeding watermelon and melon varieties, backed by Origene’s professional melon breeders, who constitute the company’s core of growth. The quality of products the company presents to domestic and world markets is are outstanding by all standards.


Dr. Vardi: “Our melons reach every corner of the world, and suit every taste. For example, our Kirkash melon is sold in Turkey. In North America cantaloupe rules.  Our Punto, a unique spotted melon, is on its way to becoming a best seller in Central and South America and in Europe, while our Mimo variety is sold in Spain.


The Mimo, Dr. Vardi emphasizes, is the only Spanish type melon in Israel, with its orange flesh. Delicia is a Yellow Melon, which according to Vardi is unrivaled anywhere in the world. “We try to introduce innovation into the market, offer variety and achieve a different flavour.”
No doubt, the last year and a half of coping with the Covid-19 pandemic has been burdensome, especially to the company’s marketing and sales staff, who couldn’t physically reach the various markets to meet with clients and distributors. The company’s marketing operation became very complex but, as Ziv attests, “there was no alternative but to learn how to swim with the new current, under the constraints imposed by Covid-19.”
At present, the pandemic’s impact is not reflected by the company’s business activity, since it still relies on the results of campaigns and trials launched with oversease growers during the pre-Corona period. Origene’s innovation and flexibility has enabled it to overcome all obstacles while constantly enhancing and upgrading the channels through which it can   present its diverse consumers worldwide with exotic, delicious long shelf -life melons all year around.


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