Origene Seeds has acquired Samco breeding activity

ORIGENE SEEDS is expanding its product portfolio to include Solanaceae products and deepen its activities
December 30, 2020
Origene Seeds has acquired Samco breeding activity

The acquisition of Samco's assets, that was signed on November 29, will now allow ORIGENE SEEDS to deepen its operations with existing customers and will contribute to increasing its customer base and provide the ability to offer a wider range of products.
ORIGENE SEEDS, the innovative international seed company, is active in Research & Development, plant breeding, seed production and processing, sales & marketing of hybrid vegetable varieties.

ORIGENE SEEDS is taking another significant step in order to expand its activities and as part of this process it is acquiring the assets of the Samco seed company.
During this time, ORIGENE SEEDS is expanding its product portfolio to include Solanaceae products and deepen its activities, in addition to its extensive activities in Cucurbit products, which includes leading products with high qualities and long shelf-life.


This action is part of the general trend and goal of ORIGENE SEEDS to expanding its activities in the world. The acquisition of Samco's breeding program gives ORIGENE SEEDS a great advantage in significantly shortening the time to market. Now the company can invest time and resources in penetrating new markets in the world where it is competing, especially with pepper varieties.

Samco is a long-standing Israeli seed company whose majority developments are of pepper varieties and also has  activities in other segments. The company’s marketing activities were mainly in Israel, Spain, Turkey and Egypt. ORIGENE SEEDS is planning to continue marketing these varieties to Samco's customers by request.




The assets purchased by ORIGENE SEEDS from Samco are breeding programs that includes all genetic material of, commercial and experimental pepper varieties.
Hamudi Sadek, CEO of Samco and a partner, says that he is happy with the transaction that was made with ORIGENE SEEDS, which is considered a professional, leading and dynamic company. Hamudi believes that ORIGENE SEEDS will know how to take advantage of the extensive knowledge accumulated by Samco and preserve the reputation of the company founded by his father, Sadek of blessed memory.


Ron Ziv, V.P. of Marketing and Sales for ORIGENE SEEDS, says that the Samco’s reputation that was achieved over the years is of a professional company, which maintains constant contact with its customers and invests heavily in the development of quality varieties that fit the entire value chain. This acquisition positions ORIGENE SEEDS as a leading seed company in quality and service, and the current transaction highlights the great potential of the company's expansion into new markets.


For more info about Origene Seeds varieties please contact Ron Ziv : ron.z@origeneseeds.com

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