Cooling down your greenhouse with a minimal carbon footprint

Technology to address heat stress and climate change in the greenhouses with environmentally sustainable systems

January 11, 2022

Global warming is here to stay. Temperatures are rising and are expected to rise further, causing severe heat stress on plants and water shortages, presenting unprecedented challenges to farmers.
ROOTS Sustainable Agricultural Technologies ltd. Is a graduate of the Israeli Chief Scientist Technological incubator program and publicly traded since 2017 on the Australian stock exchange (symbol ROOT). ROOTS address these challenges with both of its cutting-edge technologies.



The Roots Zone Temperature Optimization (RZTO) cools or heats root zone area as needed, addressing the major challenges of intensive heat or cold periods that cause severe production and agronomical problems in greenhouses. In the Gulf region cooling the greenhouse (hot and humid climate) with traditional methods such as wet pad and fan is an energy intensive and difficult mission due to the hot humid environment climate. Temperature reduction is minor, humidity is added to the already high humidity levels creating a fertile ground for damaging fungus and related diseases.

Using ROOTS's RZTO technology and providing the plants with the optimal roots zone temperature year round prevents the closing of the plants' stoma and allows it to keep on making photosynthesis and absorb nutrients.


The Root Zone Temperature Optimization (RZTO)
Significantly increases yield, improves quality, saves energy and mitigates extreme heat and cold stress. This is the only heating and cooling (2 in 1) system available.



The systems' energy source is provided in three configurations:
• Based on ground source heat exchange (GSHE), operated solely by circulation pumps of 1-2 KW/h per acre while using the sustainable energy found deep in the soil.
• Root zone heating and cooling based on hybrid systems — GSHE with a circulation pump + heat pumps.
• Root zone heating and cooling based solely on heat pumps.
The second revolutionary technology from ROOTS address the issue of water shortage and is known as Irrigation by Condensation (“IBC” system). The technology produces irrigation water by transforming humidity in the air into irrigation water on pipes with cold running water (in a closed cycle) using solar panels, gas or electricity.



ROOTS closed cycle system is the only one that can facilitate food production and positively impact the entire food chain, completely off (or on) grids with no additional irrigation water needed.
ROOTS technology offers agronomical solutions using very small amount of energy. Food can be produced in extreme climate areas were once it was considered not efficient or even possible.


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