Improved Crop Protection with SOLARIG® Covers

PIC Plast Ltd, Israel, manufacturer of SOLARIG® woven polyethylene crop protection covers, have developed a new, super strong GR Pro range.
August 17, 2020

The SOLARIG® GR Pro covers provide an outstanding solution for protecting cherries, grapes, berries, fruit trees, flowers, herbs and vegetables against hail, rain, frost and intensive radiation.
Recently, cherry growers in Chile have shown significantly reduced cracking due to effective rain protection using these covers.

Our SOLARIG® GR Pro crop covers have uniquely strong, reinforced edges and elasticized cable connectors that practically eliminate tearing and ripping.


Growers that traditionally utilize angled, A-Frame type crop protection covers, invariably face problems with cover edge attachments tearing.
Most such covers are also supplied as a single width and full row length which requires central reinforcements along the apex.

Commonly, these covers suffer weakening along the apex due to friction between the cover and the horizontal cable.

In addition, internal microclimates can occur in the apex regions of such covers which could negatively influence crops.
Removing and re-installing such long and wide covers is also a cumbersome and expensive factor.




For the new SOLARIG® GR Pro crop covers solution, we recommend pairing two GR Pro panels together with clips along the apex and connecting the lower and leading edges with our elastic connectors and hardened attachment clips.
The clipped apex connections reduce microclimate effects from developing as the small openings allow air and moisture to escape.
Panel lengths are ideally no more than 12m in length which allow easier open/close management and facilitates covers remaining in-situ on the structures.


The elastic connector and clip system provides constant tension on the covers and also facilitates their easy opening and closing over the crop. Covers can easily be left in situ, bunched closed together till the next season.
PIC Plast can provide a full turnkey solution of structure and covers for most crops or tailor make cover solutions to existing structures.

Contact: Mark Bunyard, PIC Plast Ltd, Israel. Mob: +972 52 447 0328, Email:

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