INBAR RG-X – for more efficient irrigation and fertilization in greenhouses

The uniqueness of INBAR RG-X stems from a combination of its three important components
March 8, 2020
INBAR RG-X – for more efficient irrigation and fertilization in greenhouses

Recently, due to dramatic weather changes and frequently extreme phenomena, there has been a marked tendency toward greenhouse and detached substrate cultivation. Simultaneously, increased demand for quality products has influenced development of hydroponic crops and new technological developments in this field.

Metzer is an international firm that creates dripper irrigation solutions for a variety of crops, and constantly aspires toward innovation in this sector. For nearly a year now the company has been marketing the INBAR RG-X - a new product that expresses the company's high technological and production capabilities, which have contributed to its status in the world irrigation market.
The uniqueness of INBAR RG-X stems from a combination of its three important components: the first - INBAR, Metzer's unique quality dripper sold worldwide; the second - ROOT GUARD, a proprietary technology that prevents root intrusion into drippers, and the third - combined production capability that enables imprinting an X onto the pipe. The product's manufacturing procedure must be very precise, without any margin for error, since otherwise the balance of its combined components will be disturbed, and its efficiency impeded.


Aside from the product's high technological level, it boasts of additional properties - it's very easy to apply and install and simplifies the greenhouse worker's job, while at the same time making irrigation and fertilization very efficient. In order to understand the product and its advantages, it's important to be acquainted with its different components and features.
At the heart of INBAR RG-X is the INBAR DRIPPER - a non-drain, anti-siphon dripper adjusted to variable pressure performance, at a variety of flow-rates, designed for pulse irrigation of detached substrate, which has proven itself over the years in different projects.

The drippers are injected into the pipe in groups (see product page) so that each growbag has an equal number of drippers, distributed and spaced apart through the entire growbag, to obtain constant, full saturation. The advantage of spacing between drippers prevents a situation where the dripper is outside the growbag, thus avoiding water wastage. Irrigation is more efficient, the growing area is very clean and open, and the risk of pipe damage is minimized.
X mark on the pipe –there is a space between the dripper clusters designed to simplify installation for the worker, to place the pipe easily and efficiently within the growbag; in order to know the precise position, an X mark is printed on the pipe that indicates the distance between growbags, to make installation easier. The installerjust needs  to pull the pipe from one side of the growbag to the other, and place the pipe easily so that the yellow "X" marks the distance between growbags.
This method also makes it easier when switching plants in the growbag, by pulling the pipe out slightly and inserting it into the new growbag.



The third component of INBAR RG-X, which turns it into a "smart" product, is "ROOT GUARD".  It's important to understand that when planting in detached substrate, with intensive root activity, ROOT GUARD technology is essential for preserving and extending pipe life.
Nowadays we also can't ignore the product's economic aspect: since INBAR RG-X installation takes half the time  required for regular drippers, the greenhouse owner's cost is reduced by 50%, and thus the product is very economical for growers.
INBAR RG–X is manufactured exclusively by METZER, and is currently marketed for greenhouse crops, vegetables and hydroponic crops. This product is used in England and continues to develop for further applications in other countries.
INBAR RG–X combines components and technological capability, reflecting the METZER spirit,  continuously aspiring to offer innovative irrigation and develop advanced irrigation products for the benefit of farmers.

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