From The Vineyard to the Bottle

Our new academic program, MSc in Viticulture and Enology is the first of its kind in Israel
October 27, 2019
From The Vineyard to the Bottle (Enlarge)

MSc in Viticulture and Enology, The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


At the heart of every exhilarating wine are years of knowledge, experience and hard work. The keys to creating your next bottle of wine are true passion for knowing and understanding soil, climate and local conditions, and readiness to spend many long days in cultivating it.

Our new academic program, MSc in Viticulture and Enology is the first of its kind in Israel, and the only one from the Mediterranean to East Asia. This program is bringing together traditional and modern worlds. Intended for wine connoisseurs, newcomers, those already working in the industry and innovators and entrepreneurs, it aims to support and educate a new generation of skilled wine professionals who desire to take their place among the world’s experts.

The MSc in Viticulture & Enology from The International School of Agricultural Sciences at Rehovot campus of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is designed to impart the wine knowledge comprehensively and in depth, from the vineyard to the bottle. The course has Prof. Zohar Kerem as the academic head of the program, a world-renowned researcher in food chemistry, wine quality and olive oil. His team studies the influence of novel agronomic and production traits on wine composition and the influence of grapevine diseases on the quality of wine; and develops innovative analytical tools for determining composition, tastes and aromas in wine.


Class of 2016-18 visits Chateau Lafleur, guided by Mr. Omri Ram 


The two-year Master's program will begin in spring, 2021, and will give students the same knowledge and skills as leading programs in other wine-producing countries, with a special emphasis on the Israeli landscape and industry. The program is tailored to learn from the many various, and closely located Israel's climate regimes and soils.

An example is the study of the wide assemblage of grape varieties in Israel, presenting different adaptions both evolutionary and engineered to manage pests and diseases, limited precipitation and global warming conditions.

Water scarcity is another aspect and one of the main problems in Israel. Israel leads the biggest most famous irrigation companies in the world. And together with the Israeli innovation, the program focus not only in a theoretical side, also focus on the practical side, allowing the students to develop a better understanding of the intersection of agricultural knowledge and innovation.

Current students harvesting grapes near Tel Gezer
The program advances leading research in the grape growing and winemaking field, with the cooperation with leading researchers around the world. 


The program's curriculum focuses on thorough training in the fundamental sciences and comprehension of all the different processes related to grape production and winemaking, with such topics in grapevines, vineyards, wine productions and wine analysis, and additionally, specially designed collection of topics in economics, management and marketing, in the environmental influences of viticulture and a professional workshop in France.


Students who successfully fulfill the program will earn a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Viticulture and Enology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Graduates may participate in a practical internship in a commercial winery in Israel or abroad. The internship grants a specialization diploma in enology.

The MSc in Viticulture & Enology 



This article was published in a special issue for World Food Day 2019