Crops in Israel

New Early Planting Watermelon Varieties Displayed at Open Day
Interview with Hananel Ben Khalifa – Company Agronomist and Field Expert for Southern Israel – OriGene Seeds.
Israel's Avocado Industry - Overview
A thorough overview of Israel's avocado industry, including the different variaties, by Reuven Dor, Coordinator for the avocado section at the Fruit department.
Agricultural Innovation in Fresh Produce
Four new varieties of citrus fruit are offered by the Volcani Center
Introducing New Israeli Grown Goji Berry
Locally grown Goji Berry to be introduced in the Israeli market in the coming year
"Rock-Ad" a New Cultivar of Wild Rocket
Analysis of a new line of rucola named Rock-Ad has promise to become popular
Pomegranate Growing in Israel
Delicious and Nutritious: the surprisingly healthy date
The healthy sugar contained in dates is not the refined sugar with which we are familiar
The Citrus Fruit Industry in Israel
Israel's Date Industry Overview
An overview of Israel's date industry, including nutritional information, growing areas, varieties, export and more.
Israel's Mango Industry Overview
An overview of Israel's mango industry by Cliff Love and Reuven Dor.