Plant Protection Solution for Vineyard Production

Stockton's Bio-fungicide receives registration in New-Zealand.
From now on healthy table grapes, no residues !
January 22, 2017
Plant Protection Solution for Vineyard Production (Enlarge)

Stockton specializes in the development and marketing of botanical based biopesticides, announced today that the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has approved Timorex Gold® for use in grape against powdery mildew (Uncinula necator).

Timorex Gold® has proven prophylactic and curative efficacy against a broad spectrum of diseases in a wide range of crops and is suitable to be used in conventional and organic agriculture and can be applied year-round without inducing fungi resistance. Its components provide multiple action mechanisms against fungal and bacterial crop diseases, offering effective and sustainable control.


“We are pleased we can now offer Timorex Gold® in New Zealand, providing growers with an environmentally responsible and effective solution for disease resistance management in conventional and organic crops.” explained Guy Elitzur, CEO of Stockton “This is an ideal plant protection solution for vineyard production, which meets high quality standards and the demands for export. We intend to expand our label soon and to offer the products in other crops in New Zealand soon.”


Timorex Gold® is a registered trademark of the Stockton and is sold in over 30 countries and now it is expected to be launched soon in New Zealand.

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