A New Management System for Insurers Operating in the Agricultural Sector

AgriTask Develops Digital Claims Management System with Mapfre
August 29, 2018
A New Management System for Insurers Operating in the Agricultural Sector (Enlarge)

AgriTask has teamed up with Mapfre (Madrid) to develop a digital claims management system for insurers operating in the agricultural sector. Having assessed the requirements of several insurance companies, AgriTask teamed up with Mapfre’s subsidiary in Paraguay to jointly develop the first application of the system to manage inspections and claim reports.

Mapfre Paraguay recently started conducting damage inspections involving corn and soybean policies with the AgriTask platform and its novel mobile app, the vendor reports. The evaluation is performed digitally after the relevant data is fed into the AgriTask platform through the app, which is able to automatically calculate compensations.

“Relevant geographical information of plots covered by insurance is fully integrated into the system,” an AgriTask statement elaborates. “Inspection protocols are correlated to the actual location of all policyholders. This gives Mapfre full-scale access to its customer base enabling the company to plan and follow up on inspections directly on digital maps in the AgriTask platform.”

Development of the new application sought to combine AgriTask’s capabilities in the field of precision agriculture with Mapfre’s knowledge in insurance in the agricultural sector. The next step, after the claims management system is successfully operational, is to develop additional products in the areas of risk assessment and compliance to enable Mapfre to better differentiate itself from its competitors, according to the vendor. AgriTask says that its ability to integrate and process a wide range of climatic and agronomic data sources will enable Mapfre to access new digital tools for assessment, analysis and decision making.

“Due to the remote location of our customer base, we used to lose a lot of time from the actual disaster to damage assessment and settling the claim,” comments Alfredo Villanueva, international insurance advisor of the agricultural insurance department of Mapfre. “All these steps can now be managed through one system improving customer service and making our operations far more efficient and agile.”

“Insurance companies in the agricultural sector have a critical need for comprehensive digital based solutions for collecting, processing and analyzing large amount of data and this is AgriTask’s greatest strength,” comments Israel Fraier, CEO and co-founder, AgriTask. He notes that after extensive experience with growers in Latin American and particularly Brazil, AgriTask was ready to expand to the agricultural insurance sector.


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