"Hazera" Welcomes the Visit of Panamanian Agriculture Minister

Two parties went to "Berurim" R&D center to see its crops and varieties
November 22, 2016
"Hazera" Welcomes the Visit of Panamanian Agriculture Minister (Enlarge)

The Minister Eduardo Carles paid a special visit to Israel as part of his government's nation-wide efforts to upgrade agriculture in Panama. According to the Minister, Panama's agriculture is currently far from being among the most praiseworthy in the global industry when it comes to technology, knowledge and of course, yields. In Panama recognizing that crops varieties are the key factor, the Minister made a special trip to Israel in general and to "Hazera" in particular as this Company is renowned as a leading producer and supplier of vegetable seeds.In contrast to a number of other countries in Central America, "Hazera"s business in Panama is currently quite limited and consequently, this visit presents a golden opportunity for potential growth.


During the visit, Ami Manor who is the director for logistics and operations and Zvi Amit, the Company's professional manager together with additional senior officials arranged a tour at the new R&D center in Berurim and at the quality control laboratories, and furthermore, a discussion was held on the ways to enable the development of working relationships, which should assist in promoting agriculture in Panama.


In the Photograph:

From right to left: Eduardo Carles, Panama's Minister of Agriculture, and alongside Ami Manor Hazera's director for logistics and operations, and after them, Zvi Amit, Hazera's professional manager (with the checked shirt) and beside him, the former Minister of Agriculture and a senior consultant to the Government of Panama on agricultural affairs.


Photographer: Nili Snir.

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