Arava herbs as an alternative to Viagra

Indian Firm to Purchase Medicinal Plants from farmers in the Arava (desert)
January 17, 2016
Arava herbs as an alternative to Viagra (Enlarge)

An ‘aromatic’ substitute for peppers in the Arava: the Indian firm PIONEER AROMATICS & AGRI SOLUTIONS will purchase 5 types of medicinal plants at a sum of 10 million NIS from 3 growers from Tzofar Moshav in the Arava – Poliker, Elezeri and Wilberstein.


Use of the plants is part of the Indian medicinal treatment known as Ayurveda. The Indians developed the plants and will sell the multiplying substance to the Israeli growers. All of the produce will be sold back to the Indians at a previously determined sum. The deal includes plants observed by the Indians as a viable substitute for Viagra. The formal signing will take place at a large agricultural exhibition in Israel that will take place in the mid-Arava on Janurary 20-21

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