An Impressive Presence at Interpoma China

Two thousand people attended the First Interpoma China Congress & Exhibition
July 11, 2017

The first Interpoma China has been a success, offering the international exhibitors that followed Interpoma in this new adventure the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Chinese market. "The first Interpoma China is an important step in finding out more about the world's largest apple market and in forging new contacts in the Chinese market. This presence in China has raised the networking importance of the parent Interpoma event in Bolzano as the most important forum of the apple-growing economy”, explains Thomas Mur, Director of Fiera Bolzano.


Interpoma China was organized as a conference and exhibition on the cultivation, storage and marketing of apples. Two thousand visitors were able to enjoy what was on offer from 70 companies in an exhibition space covering 5,000 square meters, half from China itself and half from nine other countries: Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Korea and the Netherlands.


The International Congress “China and the Apple in the World” took place alongside the exhibition, in the mornings from June 28 to 30, 2017, and looked at topics relevant to the apple industry's situation throughout the world and in China, at different techniques from nurseries to apple processing plants, and at the reduction of costs and improvement of process efficiency.

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