Eighty Years of Irrigation Solutions

March 20, 2017
Eighty Years of Irrigation Solutions (Enlarge)

There is no more appropriate location to celebrate 80 years of an irrigation company's activities than the Arava region in southern Israel.
Despite its low precipitation, the region is considered a flourishing agricultural area thanks to the advanced irrigation systems developed over the years.

The NaanDanJain Company, which is one of the leading companies for irrigation products and systems in Israel and worldwide, took advantage of the opportunity offered at the agricultural exhibition, which was held at the beginning of February in the Arava, to celebrate 80 years since its formation.



The design of NaanDanJain's stand at the exhibition reflected the spirit of 80 years work in irrigation and photographs documenting milestones in the Company's history adorned the walls at the stand. The NaanDanJain Company invited along clients, distributors, growers and colleagues in the industry to toast the Company in honor of the occasion.




The ceremony was opened by Amnon Ofen, an active director in the Company, who noted the contribution made by the NaanDanJain Company to global food production and wished the guests continued success in working together.


Maoz Aviv, the Company's chief agronomist, who at the exhibition introduced a unique spraying protection system for orchards, referred to innovation and advanced technology to which the NaanDanJain Company strives for the benefit of the growers and customers worldwide, and that will lead to better and higher quality agricultural produce.

Some of the highlights, which appeared in the photographs at the stand and were printed on postcards to be distributed to the participants in the event and the visitors to the exhibition, follow:


For the complete file documenting the plant's history, please press here….

  NaanDanJain 80 Years Celebration

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