Bonbon Dates, Micro-Leaves and Easy-Peel Mandarins at the Israeli Pavilion at Fruit Logistica 2017 , Berlin

February 7, 2017
Bonbon Dates, Micro-Leaves and Easy-Peel Mandarins at the Israeli Pavilion at Fruit Logistica 2017 , Berlin (Enlarge)

Nine Israeli companies will present their products this year in the national pavilion at the world's most prestigious fresh produce exhibition

According to Israel Export Institute figures, fresh fruit and vegetable exports in 2016 were valued at 740 million dollars.


Fruit Logistica show 0pens this week (February 8-10) in Berlin, Germany. This event is the most important, prestigious fresh produce and agricultural logistics exhibition in the world, with some 3000 presenters from 80 countries and 70,000 visitors from all over the world.

The Israel Export Institute pavilion was prepared in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy and Industry and will present nine Israeli companies that introduce innovative, ground-breaking agricultural products.


Jaffa Orri via the Citrus Division at the Plant Production Board will present Orri Mandarins, developed in Israel at the Volcani Center. This super-fruit is easy to peel, attractive, tasty, has very few pits, and has an especially long shelf-life that enables consumers to enjoy the fruit until late spring.

Ben-Dor Fruit Company develops unique varieties of fruit and will present several of its developments, including plume pomegranates, lamoon plums and more.

2BFresh will present a wide range of micro-leaves that are ready for use. These tiny plants are bursting with flavor, more nutritious, and are considered "functional foods". Among the products presented are net-basil leaves – an innovative product that is 100% young, fresh basil leaves that are clean and ready for use.

Field Produce Marketing Ltd. will present Israeli Majhoul dates as well as a unique variety of dates that grows only in Israel called juicy majhoul or majhoul bonbon dates,

Megadlim will present all types of fresh herbs, including some 24 varieties of basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, Salicornia, chives, oregano, cilantro, dill, tarragon, arugula and more.

Bless S.R. specializes in marketing fresh herbs, exotic fruit and vegetables to markets worldwide. The company will present its fresh herbs, baby leaves, figs and pitaya.

According to the Israel Export Institute, fruit and vegetable exports in 2016 were valued at a total of 740 million dollars, 11% less than the year before. This decline is primarily due to 8% less sales to the EU which is 60% of the export market in this sector. In addition, fruit and vegetable exports to other European countries (especially Russia) dropped by approximately 26% and reached 190 million dollars, which is about 26% of this export sector.

On the other hand, exports to North America (especially the USA) were valued at 66 million dollars in 2016, a 35% increase compared to the previous year. North America comprises approximately 9% of total exports in this sector.

Exports to Asia, which are 4% of exports in this sector, dropped by 14% in 2016 and were valued at approximately 30 million dollars.

According to Gadi Arieli, Director General of the Israel Export Institute, "The Russian and Euro markets have created significant challenges for Israeli farmers over the last few years, which resulted in a decrease in exports. The Israel Export Institute is currently operating in the USA and in specific markets in Asia such as Singapore and Korea in order to create alternatives to the European market.

The commercial attaché office in Munich has scheduled meetings with European companies for the Israeli companies that will participate in the exhibition.

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