Growing Seasoning Plants at Home with Hishtil at IPM Essen 2015

IPM Essen highlights: Hishtil leads the way in developing beneficial plants for growing in the home
February 1, 2015

For Hishtil, the highlights at the IPM Essen Horticultural Fair included last year's winning basil plants while this year Hishtil brought to the Fair in Germany many diverse products with the pepper plants prominent among them. These pepper plants included a wide range of varieties, offering sweet and sharp tasting varieties and all the peppers came in a blaze of colors.



The Essen IPM Horticultural Fair was held this year for the 33rd consecutive year from January 27th to 30th and has gained a reputation as the world's leading horticultural exhibition, featuring gardening plants and flowerpots.

This fair offers an excellent opportunity for growers from throughout the world to get together and display all the plants and bushes, which we see every day in our gardens and our environment, while promoting plants of diverse varieties, colors and types.



In total, the IPM Essen Fair attracted a record 1,604 exhibitors from 49 countries who came to show their innovative products and services in horticulture. Trade visitors, numbering 56,500 in total (43% from overseas) travelled to the Messe Essen to view the newest plant creations, improved technology, trendy floristry and efficient marketing instruments for the point of sale. All these exhibitors contributed in their own way to the exhibition's main topic of discussion among the growers i.e., "Raising the Value of the Plant" and how to develop new strategies to achieve this objective.



The response of exhibitors and visitors alike demonstrated the Fair's success as around 90 percent of the visitors rated the range on offer at IPM ESSEN as very positive while 93 percent of the guests are already planning to visit the fair again next year and 97 percent of the exhibitors stated that they wanted to participate again.


Undoubtedly, a number of those satisfied exhibitors were from Israel, which is represented at the Fair by several leading nurseries: Hishtil, Cohen Propagation Nurseries, Ringel Nursery, Jaldety Plant Propagation Nursery, Hochberg ornamental Plants Ltd., Asa Flower Bulbs, Isaacson and Getzler Nurseries Ltd, according to their specific specialization.  



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