A new CRF Manufacturing Facility for 'Haifa' in Savannah, Georgia

As part of its multiyear global growth plan, Haifa plans to add 20,000 MTPA to its CRF production capacity
June 6, 2016
A new CRF Manufacturing Facility for 'Haifa' in Savannah, Georgia (Enlarge)
Haifa Group officially commissioned a new state-of-the-art Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF) plant in Savannah, Georgia, USA. The new production facility is expected to produce 20,000 MTPA of Haifa’s Multicote™ and CoteN™ CRF.

Based on Haifa’s proprietary polymer coating technology, the new CRF facility significantly increases the Group’s fertilizer coating capacity to effectively serve the North American market. Over $10 Million were invested in the new facility and the design and location of the new plant can also increase the production capacity by 50%, to meet growing future customer demand.

Haifa Group's directors noted that the construction of a CRF production facility in Savannah aims to meet a rapidly growing demand for Haifa’s advanced Multicote™ controlled release fertilizers, and to offer a better service to customers in the turf, horticulture and agriculture industries over three continents, thus reassuring the confidence in Haifa's global presence with long-term growth plans.

An important objective of the new CRF plant is the strengthening of Haifa's relationship with the North American market, all to the customers' advantage, ensuring an even more reliable and fast supply of Haifa's top quality controlled release fertilizers.

The new plant's three buildings cover a total area of 100,000 square feet. The facility has been purpose built and designed to facilitate Haifa’s unique and proprietary manufacturing process. The facility houses a fully integrated laboratory to maintain the highest real-time quality control.


The Savannah plant will be supplying Haifa’s Controlled Release Fertilizer products by encapsulating the granules in a polymeric coating using Haifa’s Multicote™ technology. The patented technology optimizes nutrition in a single application, minimizes fertilizer losses by leaching, eliminates contamination of ground water and removes the dependency on irrigation.

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