ClimaCell and SupPlant Develop A Unique Technology

The new technology Will Serve 450M Small Farmers Around The World
July 8, 2020
ClimaCell and SupPlant Develop A Unique Technology

ClimaCell’s weather intelligence, combined with SupPlant’s knowledge and agronomic capabilities will serve as a solution for small farmers in India and China at the first stage
ClimaCell, the World’s Weather Intelligence company with customers including United Airlines, Uber and AWS has signed an MOU with SupPlant, which develops autonomous irrigation based on IoT. ClimaCell’s hyper-local and hyper-accurate weather intelligence will be implemented in SupPlant’s solutions in order to supply meaningful irrigation insights for farmers. Combining these unique technologies of both firms will bring a trail-blazer solution and accurate farming to hundreds of millions of small farmers across the globe.


According to estimations, there are 450 million small farmers around the world responsible for creating 80% of the food eaten in the developing world, yet they do not have access to cutting edge agriculture technology. With the combination of ClimaCell and SupPlant technologies, farmers will now have access to superior farming technology suitable for changing climates and be able to operate CLIMATE SMART IRRIGATION systems.
At the first stage, the companies will focus on India and China, where India has 110 million small farmers and China has 180 million.


SupPlant developed an autonomous irrigation system (GBI) built on IoT that works in the cloud and combines data aggregated from a system of sensors in the lot. Current weather and forecasted weather are uploaded to the cloud where SupPlant’s unique algorithm dissects the data and combined with the years of experience accumulated in the system makes a decision on the amount and time of irrigation needed for the plant. The system, used by large farmers around the world, maximizes the water efficiency and decision making based on data which creates more crops and stronger crops.

ClimaCell is a weather intelligence platform with hyper-accurate forecasting capabilities, creating insights such as where exactly it will rain and for how long, down to the street and the minute. ClimaCell uses data received by sensors such as cell towers, street cameras, planes, IoT and more. The company's solutions predict the influence of weather for companies for which weather is critical such as insurance companies, transportation, airlines and more.

As mentioned previously, the small farmers around the world do not have irrigation recommendations or accurate weather insights. This cooperation creates a unique, one-of-a-kind system which will supply every small farmer accurate, real time information which will enhance their capabilities and grant an holistic answer to every change taking place and impacting the crops.


Dan Slagen, ClimaCell CMO: “We are proud to be able to use our weather intelligence in the agtech world in order to change the lives for small farmers across the globe and help them grow their crops to feed their families. The cooperation with SupPlant will bring weather tech into the agricultural field”.

Ori Ben-Ner, SupPlant CEO: “SupPlant’s and ClimaCell’s capabilities to find a unique solution that for the first time is intended for the small farmers - most of the farmers in the world - has a vast potential with extraordinary implications on the economy of entire communities and food and water reserves in these countries.”

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