Innovative Seed Co., TomaTech, Appoints New CEO

Mr Ben Zvi and Dr. Vidavski’s new roles will enable TomaTech to unlock the substantial potential of tomatoes and other crops
January 22, 2020
Innovative Seed Co., TomaTech, Appoints New CEO

TomaTech, a dynamic and creative seeds company announces the appointment of Ofer Ben Zvi as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the appointment of Favi Vidavski, PhD, as its president and head of R&D.

Mr. Ben Zvi served until recently as TomaTech V.P. of Sales & Marketing, having brought to the company his considerable 25-year experience in guiding commercialization of vegetable seed companies through international expansion.
Mr. Ben-Zvi joined TomaTech in 2014 and has been fundamental in the development of its new business model and subsequent successful execution, resulting in accelerated growth. Mr. Ben Zvi has a successful track record in multiple business aspects of seed companies having held executive roles in production, supply chain, sales, marketing and business development.
Dr. Vidavski will lead the company’s endeavors to expand its product portfolio into other high-value crops, including cucumbers and peppers.

Mr. Ben Zvi and Dr. Vidavski will ensure TomaTech maintains its high growth rate and value creation in the coming years by continuing to enrich the consumer experience around the globe through the development of innovative tastier and healthier vegetables.

Mr Ben Zvi and Dr. Vidavski’s new roles will enable TomaTech to unlock the substantial potential of tomatoes and other crops, to fast-track sales growth of its commercial seeds such as SugarDrop® and TomaMuse®, penetrate new markets and strengthen its share in existing markets.
“I am delighted to be appointed as TomaTech CEO at such an important time in the company’s development.” Remarks Mr Ben Zvi. “I look forward to working closely with Favi and our incredible team to lead TomaTech into its next chapter. My passion is to provide our customers and partners with innovative, premium products and uncompromised quality, coupled with the best possible flavour and service.”
“These changes are a part of the next step in TomaTech’s long-term strategy and will allow us to accelerate our product portfolio expansion and improve the value proposition of specific unique promising crop segments” adds Dr. Vidavski. “We will strengthen our leading position as breeders and enhance collaborations with leading academic institutions and R&D companies.

As I lead R&D and the breeding programs, I will work closely with Ofer to ensure TomaTech realises its full potential.” 
“Dr. Vidavski’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in TomaTech’s growth and unique position,” says Hagai Stadler, TomaTech’s chairman. “We look forward to working with him to enhance an environment that allows the company to exploit its exceptional capabilities in germplasm R&D. We also are delighted to have Mr. Ben-Zvi as our CEO —he’s just the right person to take the company into this new phase of development. Under his direction, TomaTech will accelerate its growth by building on our existing expertise, knowledge, infrastructure, and capitalization of this still largely untapped market.”

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