A Vision of innovation, knowledge and technology as a Growth engine

Chief minister of Gujarat’s visit to NaanDanJain
June 29, 2018
A Vision of innovation,  knowledge and technology as  a Growth engine (Enlarge)

The Chief minister of Gujarat, Shri.Vijay Rupani, leading a high ranked delegation of officials in the fields of  agriculture and water,  including Gujarat Minister of Agriculture Shri Jaydrathsinhji Parmar, has visited NaanDanJain’s headquarter in Kibbutz Naan, as part of an official visit to Israel.
The State of Gujarat, one of the wealthiest  and  most developed states in India, is a leading investor in water technologies and agriculture, renewable energy, infrastructures, and HLS industries . The state is also the birth place of  the father of modern India, Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and the home of the current prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

Gujarat’s economical vision is based on innovation,  knowledge and technology as a Growth engine – and this is where NaanDanJain fits in, as a globally acclaimed pioneer in water technologies and advanced irrigation solutions.

During the visit , the delegation  was  given a tour through NaanDanJain 1000 Ha.  farm of plantations, field crops and vegetables.

The delegation was presented with NaanDanJain advanced technologies , among them – precision agriculture using Drones, innovative irrigation and automation solutions, and the use of treated water for drip irrigation through reservoirs at Naan Kibbutz.


Jain Irrigation LTD, the owner of NaanDanJain, is already intensively engaged in Gujarat, including manufacturing plants and infrastructures supporting tens of thousands of farmers.
Shri Atul Bhavarlal Jain, Joint Managing Director of Jain Irrigation LTD, who has arrived from India to accompany the visit, gave a briefing of Jain’s activity in Gujarat.

The  parties discussed the future strengthening of  the relations and collaboration between Jain, NaanDanJain and the government of  Gujarat, for the benefit of Gujarat's farmers.

Mr. Amnon Ofen (director at NaanDanJain) mentioned the important contribution of India’s PM Modi to the strengthening of the relationships between the two states, starting when Mr. Modi was Gujarat’s Chief Minister and his saying : “Israel and Gujarat  are separated by land, but united by  water and agriculture”.  

The honorable guests, Chief minister and minister of Agriculture,  planted Olive trees as a symbol of hope for the future of the two states’ friendship and collaboration.
Hosting the delegation on behalf of NaanDanJain were CEO Sudhakar Maddila, Director Amnon Ofen and V.P Projects Amir Bar.



NaanDanJain, celebrating more than 80 years of activity, is a leading international company in the developing, manufacture and distribution of Advanced irrigation technological solutions that reduce resource intake per crop. The company was the first in Israel to invent & develop  the Sprinklers and Micro Sprinkler , the Labyrinth and Integrated drippers. The company also serves as the international marketing and operations branch of the Jain concern, and operates in more than 120 countries worldwide with 15 subsidiaries .

Jain irrigation systems LTD is an international Indian company with turnover in excess of one billion dollars and over 30 manufacturing bases spread over four continents. The company, with its global subsidiaries and partners, developed the Model "The One Stop Agro Shop"  and provide from its 30 factories  solutions for agriculture, Green Houses ,Seed & Tissue Cutlers, Irrigation and Pipes, Water infrastructures, alternative and renewable energy solutions, Smart Cities ,Processing of Agro products and waste and more. The company is a  pioneering manufacturer of hi-tech agricultural inputs and  of the development and adoption of precision agriculture technologies. 

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