STK REGEV™ Approved by Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture

New ‘hybrid’ fungicide for healthier environment, higher yields
March 18, 2018
STK REGEV™ Approved by Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture (Enlarge)

STK REGEV™, ‘hybrid’ fungicide, has been registered by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture. STK REGEV will be used for a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and row crops.


REGEV is the first product of its kind in the market, which is a mix of biological and soft chemicals. REGEV creates a unique hybrid solution that delivers a synergetic effect and a sustainable disease control for fruits, vegetables and row crops, such as rice and potatoes. This hybrid fungicide significantly reduces chemical residue on crops, and decreases possible harmful effects to the environment, farmers and consumers. This is a breakthrough concept formulation which creates a bridge to future biological product use, enabling growers in all sectors and geographies to reduce their ecological footprint and thrive economically to better meet the demand for sustainable food protection.


According to Mario Pozo, STK Peru Country Manager,” We are pleased to provide an effective and sustainable new tool for Peruvian growers, enabling them to better combat resistance, increase yields, produce cleaner, healthier foods for the Peruvian people, and make Peruvian exports more competitive in global markets which increasingly require lower residue levels for entry.


STK CEO Guy Elitzur added, “STK’s flagship biofungicide TIMOREX GOLD® has been helping growers in Peru and throughout South and Central America to combat diseases and increase yields for many years. Based on this history of achievement, and STK REGEV’s excellent field test results, we look forward to bringing this cutting-edge ‘hybrid’ technology to Peru, and soon, to growers throughout Latin America and the rest of the world."

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