Haifa Chemicals Ltd.

Haifa Group's key mission is to create highly effective fertilization solutions for farmers’ worldwide.

Haifa Group is an Israel-based multinational corporation and a global leading supplier of Potassium Nitrate, Specialty Plant Nutrients and Industrial Chemicals. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions, Haifa is attuned to market trends and customer needs. A stable, well-established company, Haifa offers customized products, solutions and services. Haifa’s worldwide presence enables it to keep in close contact with customers and end-users.


Facts & figures

·  Haifa (Haifa Chemicals Ltd.) was founded in 1966 by the Israeli government

·  Aimed to utilize natural Israeli resources of Potash & Phosphate Rock found in the Negev Region

·  Private ownership since 1989

·  Owned by an American Holding Company controlled by the Trump Group

·  Annual production of 0.5 million tons of Potassium Nitrate

·  3 Production Plants:

o   Haifa Bay, Israel

o   Northern Negev, Israel

o   Lunel, France

·  12 subsidiaries with around 700 employees

·  Annual turnover approx.  $700 Million (2010)


Haifa Mission

Haifa’s key mission is to create highly effective solutions for farmers’ worldwide by leveraging a keen familiarity with farmers' lives and needs. Haifa continuously introduces solutions for meeting the growing challenges of a changing world. Haifa's solutions are designed to improve plant nutrition, enhance application efficiency and boost grower's profit while minimizing harmful environmental impacts. 


Committed to Knowledge Sharing

It is our philosophy that sharing knowledge helps everybody to grow better. Thus, we willingly deliver our extensive knowledge, gathered in decades of research and field work. We do so in meetings and seminars, and also through our on-line knowledge center. We develop expert software and mobile applications to make our knowledge easily accessible and practical for growers.   We also provide platforms that enable growers and agri-expert share their own knowledge: Haifa's on-line community enables its members to be a part of a global knowledge sharing network; learn from agriculture experts and fellow growers, contribute their own case studies.


Pioneering Solutions

Haifa develops and produces Specialty Fertilizers for enhancing plant nutrition and delivering added value of efficiency, crop-suitability and purity. Our products enable application convenience and assure environmental friendliness. Haifa’s highly-efficient Agriculture Solutions maximize yields from given inputs of land, water and plant nutrients for diverse farming practices.


Potassium Nitrate

Haifa's potassium nitrate product, Multi-K™, is a unique source of potassium due to its nutritional value and contribution to plant's health and yields. Multi-K™ has distinctive chemical and physical properties that are beneficial to the environment. Haifa offers a wide range of potassium nitrate products for Nutrigation™, foliar sprays, side-dressing and controlled-release fertilization.


Water Soluble Fertilizers for Nutrigation and Foliar Sprays

Haifa's broad selection of water-soluble fertilizers enables efficient application by Nutrigation and foliar sprays of an entire range of plant nutrients. All Haifa products, straight salts and NPK blends are chloride free, composed of nutrients only, and are fully consumed by the plant.  


Controlled-Release Fertilizers

Haifa’s pioneering MulticoTech™ polymer coating technology is used to manufacture the Multicote™ range of Controlled Release Fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture, ornamentals and turf. Multicote™ products enable a continuous, steady supply of nutrients at a rate synchronized with plant needs. Multicote™ products improve nutrient use efficiency, save labor costs and reduce losses by leaching


Haifa's main products


Potassium nitrate products

Poly-Feed GG

Greenhouse-grade soluble NPK fertilizers

Poly-Feed Drip

Soluble NPK fertilizers for Nutrigation™ (fertigation) of crops grown in open fields

Poly-Feed Foliar

NPK fertilizers for foliar feeding

Poly-Feed MAR

Soluble NPK fertilizers enhanced with seaweed extracts

Haifa Bonus

High K formula for foliar feeding of fruit-trees and field-crops

Haifa MAP

Mono-ammonium phosphate

Haifa MKP

Mono-potassium phosphate

Haifa P

Technical-grade phosphoric acid 85%


Magnesium nitrate

Haifa Cal

Calcium nitrate

Haifa Micro

Chelated micronutrients

Haifa VitaPhos-K

Precipitation-proof phosphate for soilless Nutrigation™

Haifa ProteK

Systemic PK fertilizer


Controlled release fertilizers for nurseries and ornamentals

Multicote™ Agri / Multigro™

Controlled release fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture



Controlled-release urea for arable crops

Multicote™ Turf / Multigreen™

Controlled release fertilizers for golf courses, sports fields, municipals and domestic lawns




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