Origene Seeds all along the value chain

When planning a product the company must relate to the added value for each of the value chain links
January 22, 2020
Origene Seeds all along the value chain

Many years of specialization in seed development, production and marketing, along with increased competition and demand for high quality, long shelf-life products, that are tolerance to radical weather conditions, have brought Origene Seeds to realize that seeds are a genetic carrier of varieties, a product in every sense. Therefore, when planning a product, the company must relate to the added value that products offer for each of the value chain links – distributors, nurseries, farmers, wholesalers, retailers and the end user, the consumer.

To illustrate this topic, Ofir presents it from the perspective of each chain member: the seed distributor who seeks to gather customers in the target country, must arrive equipped with a suitable variety at the right price; the nursery needs high quality seeds with disease-free high germination; the farmer who seeks to benefit from high, disease resistant yields, that require as little spraying as possible, and minimal irrigation to save water, whose shelf-life is long so the farmer will be able to control the harvest, rather than the harvest controlling him.
Wholesalers, too, seek a long shelf-life product, with a thicker shell that can withstand transportation conditions to the market; the retailer looks for an attractive product, with long shelf-life, that will lead to repeat purchases. Finally, the consumer seeks an attractive, tasty product that won't spoil after two days in the refrigerator.

Ofir relates: "To achieve this goal, we deal with the connections between the chain links. For example, if the client, a cooperative in Spain, is interested in a particular melon variety, we know how to connect him with a Brazilian grower, who will request suitable seeds from the Brazilian distributor. In other words, the value is not just in the products, but also in the connections."
We arrived at the conclusion that one way to achieve the goal is through product branding, so that the consumer will know how to identify it easily and ask for it when reordering. In Israel the LaJoya watermelon is branded –it's watermelon marketed with a label. "This watermelon," Ofir states, "is grown by a closed group of growers, who supply a quality product, on condition that they market the watermelon with the stickers they have received. They also received designed branded cartons in two sizes suitable for both markets and chain stores.
In parallel we closed deals with the retailer chains, but only after presenting them with the product and its advantages. We reached a situation where all on-line watermelon sales were exclusively of the LaJoya variety. This product provided the entire value chain with another advantage, since its marketing prolonged the sales season from July until early November. In other words, six weeks were added to supplying sweet watermelon.

Ofir goes on to explain: "Since we realize the system's success, we replicate it elsewhere in the world, as a project. This time with a special sweet melon variety. After speaking with the European chains, we return to all the chain's links to complete the circle with them, so the product will arrive at chain-stores with the promised quality and traits, to everyone's benefit."

Origene Seeds will participate in Fruit Logistica– the world's leading fresh produce exposition – in Berlin during February 2020. The company's objective at this exhibition, says Ofir, is to meet representatives of marketing chains and to convince their product managers to join the process by ordering a particular product and then connecting them with that product's growers. The intention is to create product demand in these chains.
Additionally, Origene will exploit the expo to introduce new products, to penetrate them into the European market. Among the products to be revealed at the show will be the Spanish Piel de Sapo melon, arriving at the show from Brazil at the height of its growing season, and the "Yellow Canary" melon.
Origene Seeds is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in the cucurbit sector, and therefore invites to its exposition pavilion existing customers as well as new customers who are interested in joining the value chain, to market high quality products to their customers, so they will return to buy them again.

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