Way beyond Watermelon

Origene Seeds expands its product list, connecting demand with global produce
January 24, 2019
Way beyond Watermelon (Enlarge)

Origene Seeds is known worldwide primarily as a  Cucurbit  company with high quality products of Watermelon, Melons and others . Since its establishment 15 years ago, the company has developed successful varieties known for their resistance and excellent flavor. This is illustrated by continually increasing global demand for watermelon seeds (seedless and seeded; Annanas , Galia, Honey Dew and Yellow Canary melons; Beit Alpha, Baby, Dutch, Slicers and other cucurbits crops.

Over the past two years, the company has expanded its product list, and plans to exhibit this broad variety at the Berlin Trade Fair. According to Ofir, the company's marketing executive, "At the Trade Fair we will emphasize the wide variety of products the company offers: known products such as squash, cucumbers, melons and watermelon; and newer products: a wide variety of tomatoes and "blocky" peppers.

"In light of the great interest our pavilion created last year," Ofir adds, "we have decided to enlarge the booth this year to meet the objectives we have set for ourselves: making new contacts with areas where until now we haven't done much, such as central Europe, Africa, Central America, and getting acquainted with fresh produce marketers who are interested in a specific product and come to the pavilion in order to link up with growers in their areas."


The company's distribution within various climatic growing areas enables it to exhibit products at the Trade Fair from all over the world, so that visitors will become familiar with its capacity to supply them with the same product all year round.
The fact that each product – watermelons, cucumbers, melons and squash, tomatoes and more – arrives from its growing region at the same time and is marketed at its freshest, attests to the advantages of this global distribution.
For example, Ofir tells about a meeting held at the previous Trade Fair with a cooperative that expressed interest in marketing a particular melon all year round. The Origene Seeds staff connected the wholesaler with growers in various areas of the world that, in different seasons, grow the same melon in which he was interested, thus enabling him to market the melon in his country at all times.

Origene Seeds views the Trade Fair as a meeting place between all parties in the marketing chain of agricultural produce – from its genetic source, to the farmer, to the coop and the category manager of retail chains that sell produce to the individual consumer.



"Aside from that," Ofir states, "the company's staff also expect to meet existing customers at the Trade

Fair, and to arrange a work plan with them." He indicates that more than half of the meetings to be held there are pre-arranged. The company's large pavilion at this year's Trade Fair requires many available workers, so the staff has been expanded in order to cover the whole world in terms of sales, and will provide responses to inquiries of various parties from South America, the Middle East, Europe, etc.

Origene Seeds is pleased and proud to present a full product portfolio , and among other things will exhibit at the Trade Fair a new series of melons with different flavors, including Piel De Sapo, Yellow

Honey Dew (a particularly sweet melon with a long shelf-life).

Origene Seeds continues to grow and venture into new areas, expanding its sales staff in order to reach additional places worldwide, continues to improve the varieties and to add disease-resistant varieties with high yields; supports sustainability, and works to reduce use of pesticides and to increase product value throughout the  value chain – from the farmer to the customers who put this produce on their tables.
Origene Seeds will exhibit at the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 Trade Fair in Berlin, in Hall 11.1,

Pavilion A-23. 

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