Open day an Abundance of Vegetable Varieties and the Consumers Tastes

The open day at Moshav Nir Hen highlighted the advantages and suitability of vegetable varieties
August 1, 2018
Open day an Abundance of Vegetable Varieties and the Consumers Tastes (Enlarge)

HaZera specialises in vegetables in a diversity of colour, taste and texture for its growers, distributors and customers for eating raw and for cooking.
This year, its annual open day at Moshav Nir Hen was dedicated to the local market and highlighted the advantages and suitability of its vegetable varieties.
Among its guests were some food bloggers, who have become social networking opinion makers and who are in a position to influence demand.

Global Tomato Production Manager Yaron Giras led the tour to experimental greenhouses for tomatoes and peppers, where they are adapted for taste, hardiness and shelf life. Yaron spoke of the trend towards cluster tomatoes that make harvesting easier and preserve freshness, aroma and nutritional value.




One of HaZera's star cluster tomatoes is the high yield Magnolia, which ripens when hot, making it a summer crop. Another is the new dark red 'Simone', which is highly resistant to disease and viruses. HaZera invests heavily in resistance enhancement.
The varieties on display here are best suited to Israel's climate so their shelf life is relatively short because the time from harvesting to table is relatively brief. The export greenhouse contains over 60 varieties with shelf lives of up to three weeks.

Yehuda Assulin, an Israeli tomato grower attending the tour, describes his positive experience regarding taste, quality and disease resistance, which reduces the need for pesticides and cuts costs.

HaZera relies on its customers for taste and has invested much in branding, so that customers can identify the taste they prefer, thus increasing the sales of their favourites.

The 'Dora', of the Roma variety, is a success story. It is firm and easy to peel, making it easy to cook. Another successful variety is the top selling Maggie, thanks to its winning combination of sweetness and juiciness. It is sold in branded packaging. Maggie's little sister, Whitney, is a delicious midi plum cherry tomato. Great for salads, it is sold in heart shapes packages.





Melons are also branded. HaZera has recently launched its delicious, sweeter-than-honey Angel, with an excellent shelf life of a month in the larder. The long shelf life is a boon to farmers, who can harvest their entire crop in one or two forays, with savings on labour and other costs. The small melons can be packed six or seven to a box. The retailers are delighted with their long shelf life and their ready availability from June to October.
In addition to its sweet, red, seedless Puma mini watermelon, HaZera still sells its larger watermelons to those of its international customers who prefer them.
Of the many tomato varieties HaZera offers, its large 'Beef' or Hamburger tomato is of note. Each one weighs 300–400 grams and its pulpiness makes it perfect for salads. They are very popular in Greece.
HaZera's hundreds of varieties are available in over 100 countries. It listens carefully to the needs and challenges of its farmers, distributors and customers, and invests heavily in research and development, so it can offer high quality products adapted to the tastes of its customers worldwide.

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