Global Partnerships for Exceptional Tomato Marketing

No more middlemen between the breeder and the shelf
January 31, 2018
Global Partnerships for Exceptional Tomato Marketing (Enlarge)

TomaTech's resounding success in recent years is not only due to its exceptional tomatoes, which are unparalleled for taste and appearance, but also because of its unique partnerships with leading international marketers, which provide exposure for its products .

One such international partnership is between TomaTech and four leading fresh produce marketers: Mastronardi Produce (Canada), Stoffels (Belgium), La-Palma (Spain) and Perfection Fresh (Australia).

TomaTech has created a world beater with an attractive burgundy color, a distinctive shape and a delightful taste. Our business partners have assumed responsibility for the entire process of growing, sorting, packing, marketing and delivery to the point of sale under the brand name TomaMuse®, as it will be known worldwide. Each company will market the brand in its own packaging under joint management and in full coordination with TomaTech.

TomaMuse delivers a full sensory experience. Its unique strawberry-like shape, rich burgundy color, distinct texture and outstanding flavor make it the ultimate culinary tomato.

The common attribute of each of these companies is that they have vast experience in supplying fresh produce to the largest, leading retails chains, catering firms, restaurants and exclusive food outlets which concurs with our objective of gaining exposure for our TomaMuse brand in the international premium market.

Ofer points out, 'An additional advantage our partnership brings is that there are no more middlemen between the breeder and the shelf. It is our partnership with these major players that empowers our product and provides a potent marketing engine for brand growth.




In early 2018, as a result of TomaTech’s partnership with Mastronardi Produce, TomaTech’s tomatoes were amongst the first sold by the world’s leading Internet retailer. This new channel for TomaTech was opened due to its successful partnership with Mastronardi and allows consumers to order fresh TomaTech tomatoes directly to their home.

Another TomaTech partnership is with grower and supplier Gomez, which has led to Sugardrop® tomatoes being sold by exclusively by Tesco in their finest product category. The collaboration that began with a single product has been so successful that we are looking to expand it to include a broader range of TomaTech products .

TomaTech continually develops new products and expands its horizons. This encompasses everything from addressing the demand for novel products by the marketing chains seeking exclusivity in order to increase loyalty in their clientele, to providing a better service to customers by investing in a marketing and sales platform in North America and establishing a new subsidiary company in Spain. We must also not overlook that TomaTech continues to invest in developing and selling its products to our traditional markets in Spain, Italy, Israel, Turkey and Brazil.


However, TomaTech’s highly talented and creative professional breeding team does not only develop premium products and has been diligently working on achieving its next goal - Taking their knowledge and experience from the speciality tomato sector and using them to significantly improve the eating experience and flavor of the European standard cluster tomato.
Ofer says they are very close to their goal and that it is one worth waiting for…!

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