Hazera's Innovative High-Quality Onion Varieties are Sold Worldwide

Hazera is now ranked third in the export of onions worldwide
December 25, 2017
Hazera's Innovative High-Quality Onion Varieties are Sold Worldwide (Enlarge)

Hazera's high quality onions have made a significant contribution to the success of the Netherlands as a major exporter of onions.

With its top quality onions, yielding exceptionally good crops for enthusiastic growers, Hazera is now ranked third in the export of onions worldwide. Wim van der Heijden, Global Product Manager for onions at Hazera believes that this achievement is the result of hard work and the Company continues to develop new varieties for the organic market with very promising results.


Growing and marketing onions to meet consumer demands requires a lengthy process from a seed to finely chopped onions in a frying pan and involves considerable modern technology, and according to Wim van der Heijden, each new variety takes approximately twenty years to develop.  So it is crucial for Hazera to actually sell the products they have worked on intensively for many years.


When developing new and better onion varieties Hazera seeks improved traits such as the need for crops with the maximum yield and highest quality that are resilient to withstand heat and cold weather in the field where moisture drought and disease can cause problems.  Other important and desirable characteristics include the ability to harvest and transport them easily as well produce with a long shelf-life to facilitate storage for long periods.

In developing its new onion varieties the Company is attentive to the growers' demands for greater productivity and subsequent higher income but quality is also a dominant consideration, contributing to Hazera's success in this global market.   

Packing stations that buy the onions in bulk must also be taken into consideration as they work on automated weighing, packaging and transportation, and consequently they buy only onions that are sufficiently firm, relatively dry and maintain their protective outer skin.  They realized quickly that the Hazera-varieties can meet their demands and improve profit margins as the produce's excellent quality outweighs what the Company's competitors have to offer.


However the most exciting development in this area is the introduction of an onion variety of the Allium cepa type, which is resistant to the downy mildew disease. The new variety has enormous advantages for organic farmers because the plants' intrinsic resistance to the disease helps save on costly and hazardous pesticides. Additionally, the organic farmers sowing the new varieties enjoy a dramatic increase in the crops' yield compared to growing the standard varieties. Work on developing new disease resistant varieties of onions to reduce rampant pesticide application is a high priority for Hazera.   

These new varieties of onions are Santero and Sanjato and both can be sown and harvested early, bringing significant advantages to the farmers. In the past seven years, the organic area sown in The Netherlands has increased from 400 hectares to almost 1,000 hectares.

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