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Politiv is the leading manufacturer of agricultural films in Israel & one of the leading, most well-known companies in the world. The company’s factory is located in a modern building in Kibbutz Einat, where it manufactures an extensive range of ...

Farming is our heritage. Filtration is our legacy. For over 57 years, we have been mastering filtration technology, developing and marketing filtration solutions for agricultural and industrial use. Amiad Original filters offer the best ...

Drip Research Technology Solutions (DRTS) is an international industry leader with over 35 years of experience in providing drip irrigation and pipe extrusion machinery. We manufacture high quality machinery and standalone units comprised of top ...

Filter Art is a water management solutions provider established in 2013. Our focus is on developing, manufacturing and introducing innovative water treatment solutions based on self-cleaning filters and physical separation technology in focused ...

For 30 years Gat has been manufacturing and marketing fertilizers solutions & solid fertilizer for the agricultural sector. Established in 1985, the company holds two manufacturing platform sites, Deshen Gat Israel, in the northern and southern ...

Ginegar Plastic Products is a world leading producer of advanced films and nets for a wide variety of agricultural applications, with special emphasis on greenhouse covers, mulches, VIF films and also a range of non-agricultural applications.

Haifa Group is an Israel-based multinational corporation and a global leading supplier of potassium nitrate, specialty plant nutrients and industrial chemicals.

Hazera is a global leader in the vegetable seed industry. Hazera brings expertise, commitment and support, combining decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology.

The Israel-based international nurseries organization is a market leader in vegetable propagation.

One of the world's largest fertilizer companies,ICL Fertilizers provides end-users and manufacturers on five continents with a wide range of high-performance solutions – all from a single source.

Mapal manufactures and markets polypropylene ( PP ) Troughs, Drainage Gutters & Spacers for the Soilless Culture Growers for diverse markets throughout the world

Mehadrin is Israel's largest grower and exporter of citrus, fruits and vegetables and is a leading global supplier of the renowned JAFFA brand

Metzerplas is a kibbutz-based industry of micro-irrigation products and various types of pipelines.

Netafim is working with growers to build a sustainable future - reduce water usage, improve land-use, reach greater food security, and more sustainable agriculture.

ORIGENE SEEDS is an innovative international seed company. Development and Sale of Hybrid Vegetable Seeds

The leading company in the Coir - Cocopeat substrate market for Hydroponics growers and nurseries.

Manufacturer of both SOLARIG® woven, polyethylene greenhouse, grow tunnel, crop protection covers and small to medium sized greenhouses.

R.O.P is a leading global supplier of cast Polypropylene (CPP) specialty films and bags. We take pride in providing our customers superior packaging solutions for over 40 years.

Tefen is a leading manufacturer of non-electric volumetric dosing pumps and flow products since 1973.

TAP is a leader in advanced agricultural technologies. The company specializes in hydroponic technologies,microleaves production and all kinds of vegetables. It has 12 years of successful construction and operation of farms in China, Thailand, ...

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